How to Get Rid of Pokemon in Pixelmon (How Do I Release My Pokémon in Pixelmon?)

As a Pixelmon trainer, ūüėĆI’ve found myself on a journey to catch, train, and battle a diverse array of Pok√©mon within the Minecraft universeūüí™ūüŹľ.

Though as my roster continues to grow, ūüôĄthe need to streamline and make room for new companions becomes apparentūüėĒ.

In this guide, I’ll be sharing insights on the processes that allow me to bid farewell to certain Pok√©mon, making space for new adventures and challenges.


Join me as we explore ūüėĀthe step-by-step process of releasing Pok√©mon, ensuring that our rosters reflect the dynamic and evolving nature of our Pixelmon adventures.

Now then, let‚Äôs start with ‚Ķūü§Ē

How Do I Release My Pokémon in Pixelmon?

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What is the command to delete Pokémon in Pixelmon?

How Do I Release My Pokémon in Pixelmon?
Delete Pokémon in Pixelmon. Image source: Pinterest

Pixelmon primarily relies on in-game mechanics‚öôÔłŹ for releasing or deleting Pok√©mon, and there isn’t a specific command to delete Pok√©mon in Pixelmon.

The usual method involves accessing your Pokémon party interface and releasing Pokémon from there.

Here are the general commands to delete a Pokémon in Pixelmon:

  1. Press the default key to open the Pokémon menu Рit is usually indicated as P.
  2. Select the Pokémon you want to release.
  3. Look for an option like ‚ÄėRelease‚Äô or ‚ÄėLet Go‚Äô and confirm your choice.

How do I release my Pokémon in Pixelmon?

What steps should I take to let go of my Pokémon in Pixelmon?
Pokémon in Pixelmon. Image source: Pinterest

In Pixelmon, you can release a Pok√©mon through the in-game Pok√©mon menuūü§†. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to release a Pok√©mon in Pixelmon:

Open the Pokémon Menu

Press the default key to open the Pok√©mon menu. By default, this key is usually ‘P’, but it may vary depending on your Pixelmon configurationūüíĽ.

Select the Pokémon

In the Pok√©mon menu, you’ll see icons or sprites representing each Pok√©mon in your party. Click ūüĖĪÔłŹon the icon or sprite of the Pok√©mon you want to release.

Access the Pokémon Summary

Clicking on the Pok√©mon will open a summary page that displays informationūü§ę about that specific Pok√©mon, such as its level, stats, and moves.

Release the Pokémon

Look for an option on the summary page that allows you to release the Pok√©mon. This option is typically labeled as “Release” or “Let Go.” Click on this option.

Confirm the Release

After selecting the release option, the game will likely prompt you to confirm your decision. Confirm that you want to release the Pokémon.

Completion of Release

Once confirmed, the Pok√©mon will be released, and you’ll receive a message indicating that the Pok√©mon has been let go.

Here’s a table with the summary:




Open the Pokémon menu


Select the Pokémon you want to release.


Access the Pok√©mon’s summary page.


Look for an option like “Release” or “Let Go”.


Click on the release option.


Confirm the release when prompted.


Receive a confirmation message for the release.

How do you get your Pokémon out of the ball in Pixelmon?

What is the process for releasing Pokémon in Pixelmon?
The ball in Pixelmon. Image source: Pinterest

Pixelmon creatures are designed to roam freely ūüĆěaround the player once captured, and you’ll usually see your active Pok√©mon walking or flying alongside you.

If, for any reason, your Pok√©mon isn’t visible, it might be in its Pok√© Ball. To summon your Pok√©mon, initiate the process by:

  1. Access the Pok√©mon menu with the designated key, often set to ‘P’ by default.
  2. Peruse your Pokémon roster and select the companion you wish to call forth.
  3. Explore the available options for summoning, often denoted as “Send Out” or “Summon.”

Activating this option prompts your Pokémon to emerge from its Poké Ball, ready to accompany you on your adventures once again.

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