Can You Release Multiple Pokémon At Once? (How To Release Multiple Pokémon At Once)

With numerous years of Pokémon training under my belt, I have caught many Pokémon along the way and naturally released a number as well.

In Pokémon games, releasing them one by one was tedious until I realized you can let go of them in masses. Not many players know this is even possible, but luckily, I am about to tell you just how to do it in this article.

How To Release Multiple Pokémon At Once

Ways To Release Multiple Pokémon At Once
Release Multiple Pokémon At Once. Image source: Pinterest

In many Pokémon game versions, releasing multiple Pokémon is a ready-to-use function in the menu options, but in others, such as Pokémon Legends: Arcueus, it is not.

With this version, Pokémon can be released in the pastures or camps, although you will have to first unlock 🔓 the feature by progressing through the game.

The exact rules and procedure for getting this power are murky, but here is more info on what experienced players did:


  1. Catch many Pokémon and fill at least four pastures (with about 120 Pokémon).
  2. Achieve Galaxy Grade 1.
  3. Release at least one Pokémon prior.

How to Release Multiple Pokémon

  1. Go to the Pastures menu.
  2. In the bottom right side of the screen, go to ‘Release Multiple’.
  3. Press the X button and choose all the Pokémon you want to let go.

It is expected that other versions that don’t already have this nifty feature will soon get it with new updates.

Can You Get Back Your Pokémon Once You Release Them?

Release Multiple Pokémon At Once

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Releasing a Pokémon means letting it go and never getting it back. It will be gone forever. Although released Pokémon usually do not return, some players have reported that they can come back on their own.

This happens when a Pokémon knows an HM move that none of your others do. Therefore, if you teach a Pokémon a unique HM move, it may automatically return after release.

How Many Pokémon Can You Release At Once?

How To Release Many Pokémon At Once
How Many Pokémon Can You Release At Once? Image source: Pinterest

According to most Pokémon games’ guidelines, you can release up to 100 Pokémon at once 💯. This feature helps relieve you of their unwanted Pokémon and get more storage space. It also lets you earn Grit Items, which boost Pokémon’s effort levels and stats.

Mass-releasing Pokémon can also get you a few coins. Although you can get rid of many Pokémon at once, experienced players will probably advise you against releasing 100 of them at once.

The wiser move would be to donate or use them in a trade 🔄.

What Happens If You Release All Your Pokemon At Once?

Release Multiple Pokémon At Once
What Happens? Image source: Pixabay

In most game versions, releasing all your Pokémon at once is impossible. For example, in Pokémon Let’s Go, Pikachu!, Pokémon Yellow, and Pokémon GO, you cannot release your starter Pikachu.

With others, such as Pokémon Legends: Arceus, you will receive a warning dissuading you from letting go of particular valuable Pokémon.

Even, as earlier stated, Pokémon with special HM moves will return immediately after release. It is, therefore, it is not possible to have all the Pokémon in your party released and remain with none 🙅.

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