Can you evolve a Pokemon after canceling? (Can a Pokemon still evolve after you cancel his evolution?)

I grew very fond of Pokemon in my teenage years. Sooner or later, after playing it several times and experiencing many trials and errors, I finally became a master at it. One of the errors I made was accidentally canceling my Pokemon’s evolution.

After intensely panicking and doing my research (with shaky hands), I figured out that you can easily evolve a Pokemon even after canceling its evolution.

All I did was apply a few tricks, and boom! 💥 The problem was solved. So, let’s talk about how to cancel Pokemon evolution and how to evolve it after canceling its evolution.

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How to cancel Pokemon evolution for later

The following shows how you can cancel Pokemon evolution for later.

Cancelling with the B Button

Can a Pokemon evolve after you cancel his evolution?
B Button. Image source: Pinterest

First ☝️, you will be required to wait for the evolution to begin. In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, evolutions occur automatically. Most of the Pokemon evolve after they have met the conditions.

These conditions can either be happiness🤗, level, or several other factors. You will see an evolution dialogue screen with a message indicating that your Pokemon is evolving.

When the Pokemon begins glowing, simply press the B button on your Joy-con controller. A message will appear indicating that your Pokemon has stopped evolving.

Each time your Pokemon levels up after it has reached the level required for evolution, the evolution process will be triggered.

Using an Everstone to prevent evolution

Can you evolve a Pokemon after canceling it? 
Everstone. Image source: Pinterest

An Everstone is a special item that provides a more efficient way to prevent the evolution of a Pokemon. The Pokemon’s evolution will be halted and never trigger as long as the Pokemon is holding this item, even when the normal conditions for evolution to take place are met.

To equip your Pokemon with an Everstone, you will be required to open your bag 👜 by pressing X, then choose the Hold Item. Then select ‘Give to Pokemon’.

The following table shows a summary of where or how you can find an Everstone in different Pokemon games.


How or Where to Find an Everstone

Platinum, Diamond, or Pearl

·Playing the mining minigame

·Battling Gravelers and Wild Geodudes

Crystal, Gold, or Silver

·Conversing with Bill’s grandfather on Route 25

·Battling Gravelers and Wild Geodudes

Emerald, Ruby, or Sapphire

·Battling Gravelers and Wild Geodudes

·Granite Cave, second basement floor

Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby

·Participating in the Inverse Battle Stop fight

·Granite Cave, second basement floor

White 2 and Black 2

·In dust clouds located in caves

·Join Avenue’s Antique Shop

How to evolve a Pokemon after canceling its evolution

To evolve a Pokemon after canceling its evolution, you will only be required to level it up again by fulfilling the evolution condition.

This is because canceling an evolution does not stop it permanently. For instance, if a Pokemon that evolves at level 29 has its evolution halted, it will try evolving again upon reaching level 30.

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