Why Does My Pokémon Keep Coming Back To Me? (Why Pokémon Is Not Listening?)

Being a Pokémon trainer is awesome, 👍 but sometimes your Pokémon acts a bit stubborn. Ever wondered why? We’re here to unravel the mystery!

Why does your Pokémon keep coming back and sometimes ignore what you say? We’ll look into things like friendship, experience, and Gym badges to figure it out.

As an expert,😌 I’m here to guide you through the simple secrets of your Pokémon’s behavior, helping you become an even better trainer!

Let’s start with:

Why your Pokémon is not listening?

Why my Pokémon Is Not Listening

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There are a few potential reasons why your Pokémon might not respond to commands. These include:

In-Game Commands

Pokémon Is Not Listening
In-Game Commands. Image source: Pinterest

In Pokémon games, especially those on handheld consoles like the Nintendo DS or Switch, I often used commands to control my Pokémon during battles.

Later, 🤔I noticed a technical error with the console I was using before switching to a new one. If you’re experiencing issues with commands not registering, it could be a technical problem with your game, device, or input method.

Game Bugs or Glitches

My Pokémon Keep Coming Back To Me
Game Bugs or Glitches. Image source: Pinterest

Like any software, Pokémon games may have bugs 👽or glitches that can affect gameplay. If you’re encountering persistent issues, it could be related to a bug in the game.

Misunderstanding Mechanics

Why My Pokémon Keep Coming Back To Me
Game mechanics or conditions. Image source: Pinterest

Sometimes, you may misunderstand certain game mechanics or conditions. For instance, if you’re trying to evolve a Pokémon and it’s not happening, there might be specific requirements or conditions that need to be met.

Why did my Pokémon return from the Gym?

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In Pokémon GO, there are several reasons why your Pokémon might return from a Gym. Here are some common factors:

Gym Rotation

In some cases, if a Gym is part of a high-traffic area or is frequently contested, 🤯your Pokémon may return sooner than expected due to the Gym changing hands frequently.

Defeated by Opposing Teams

If an opposing team defeats the Pokémon defending the Gym, it will return to its Trainer. The motivation of the Pokémon also decreases after being defeated in battles.

Motivation Loss

Pokémon placed in Gyms lose motivation over time. As their motivation decreases, their CP (Combat Power) decreases, making them easier to defeat. Once a Pokémon’s motivation reaches zero, it returns to its Trainer.

Why is Pokémon getting sent to me in battle?

Why Pokémon Is Not Listening?

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During a battle, a Pokémon can get sent🙄 to you under these circumstances:


Why My Pokémon Keep Coming Back To Me
Pokémon faints. Image source: Pinterest

If your active Pokémon faints😱 during a battle, the next Pokémon in your party will automatically be sent out to continue the fight.

Forced Switching

Reason My Pokémon Keep Coming Back To Me
Forced Switching. Image source: Pinterest

Some moves and abilities in Pokémon battles can force a switch. For example, moves like Roar and Whirlwind can force the opposing Pokémon to be switched out. Abilities like Arena Trap can prevent the opponent from switching out.

Switching Pokémon

Why Pokémon won't Listen
Switching Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest

In many Pokémon games, trainers can switch their active Pokémon during battle. This can be done voluntarily by the player to adapt to the opponent’s Pokémon or strategy.

At what level do Pokémon stop listening to you?

Why Pokémon Is Not Listening?
Pokémon stop listening to you. Image source: Pinterest

The concept of Pokémon not listening😣🙉 to commands usually comes into play when a Trainer’s badge level is not high enough to control higher-level Pokémon.

Here’s how it typically works:

Badge Levels:

Generally, Pokémon will obey commands up to a certain level, which is determined by the number of Gym Badges a Trainer has.

For example, with one badge, Pokémon up to level 20 may obey, and as more badges are obtained, higher-level Pokémon will follow commands.

Special Cases

Some Pokémon, especially those received as gifts or through in-game events, may not obey you until a certain point in the game is reached, regardless of badge levels.

Here’s a simple table outlining the level at which Pokémon will obey based on the number of Gym Badges in the Pokémon series games:

Gym Badges

Maximum Pokémon level


Up to level 20


Up to level 30


Up to level 40


Up to level 50


Up to level 60


Up to level 70


Up to level 80


All Pokémon obey


All Pokémon obey

How to make a traded Pokémon listen to you

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There are ways to increase the obedience🌝 of traded Pokémon. Here are some steps you can take:

Earn Gym Badges

The primary factor influencing a traded Pokémon’s obedience is the number of Gym Badges you have. Each Gym Badge you earn🤫 increases the level of Pokémon that will listen to your commands.

Use Held Items

Certain items, such as the Soothe Bell, can increase a Pokémon’s happiness, 🤩which may improve its obedience. However, this is more relevant to happiness evolution and not obedience directly.

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