Can you trade Zorua in Pokémon Go? (How to trade Zorua in Pokémon Go)

Being a Pokémon lover, the prospect of exchanging my Zorua with fellow players sparked my interest.

Initially uncertain about the feasibility of trading this elusive creature, I delved into research and uncovered that Zorua, being neither mythical nor legendary, is indeed tradable among players.

This article aims to share my firsthand experience with Zorua trading, offering a guide for Pokémon Go enthusiasts eager to explore the realm of Zorua exchanges! 🥰

How to trade Zorua in Pokémon Go

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Zorua can be traded with other players in Pokémon Go😌. The Stardust costs for trading are standard and can be reduced if you have a higher friendship level with the player you’re trading with😅.

However, Some players might have faced issues trading Zorua initially when it was released during the Shuppet Spotlight Hour on October 25.

Later on, Zorua became tradable again after its second release on October 28.

Remember, Zorua is neither a mythical nor a legendary Pokémon. Therefore, trading it is pretty easy and without issues.

Why was trading Zorua disabled in Pokémon Go?

Zorua-Can you trade Zorua in Pokémon Go? 
Trading Zorua. Image source: Pokemon

The trading option for Zorua in Pokémon Go was temporarily turned off due to the discovery of a bug during its initial release😌.

The developers purposely turned off the trading feature to address and fix the problems. It’s essential to note that the issue has been resolved, and players can now trade Zorua without any difficulty in Pokémon Go.

Furthermore, it’s worth mentioning that Zorua and its evolution, Zoroark, are not considered Mythical Pokémon, which means they can be traded under standard conditions without any restrictions.

Can you get Zorua without trading?

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Obtaining Zorua in Pokémon Go without trading is possible😅. Zorua is an exceptionally Rare spawn with the unique ability to disguise itself as other Pokémon.

It is not restricted to specific events and can be found in all regions. However, encountering a Zorua may be rare, and players might go extended periods without encountering one.

Here is a summarized table outlining the steps to enhance your likelihood of encountering Zorua:



Assign a Buddy Pokémon

Zorua has the ability to mimic the appearance of your Buddy Pokémon when found in the wild. To allocate a Buddy Pokémon, simply tap on the trainer icon located in the bottom-left corner of the screen.

Look for Duplicate Buddy Pokémon

If you observe two instances of your allocated “Buddy Pokémon,” there is a possibility that one of them could be a Zorua.

Catch the Duplicate Buddy Pokémon

After capturing the duplicate “Buddy Pokémon,” the screen will display “Oh?” instead of “Gotcha!” Following this, a distinctive animation featuring a magenta-colored background will unfold. The Pokémon will transform Zorua, akin to how Ditto transforms upon being captured.

It is advisable to use Pinap Berries and Silver Pinap Berries when attempting to capture Zorua as they boost Candy yield, contributing to the accumulation of Zorua Candy👍.

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