How Long is Pokémon Sword? (Is Pokémon Sword a Short Game?)

One of the Pokémon games that I always look forward 😀 to playing is Pokémon Sword and Shield. This 8th-generation series mesmerizes me as I thrust myself deep into the enchanted Galar region.

What’s more encouraging is that these bouts can last for a variety of lengths. From the deadly Gym episodes to taking on wild Pokémon who are hiding in the thick grass, the timeframe varies significantly.

Join me as we investigate the combat sequences in Pokémon Sword to learn more about how long it takes to finish the Sword and Shield Pokémon game.

You will discover why people don’t like the game and whether it’s worth playing.


How Long Does It Take To Beat Pokémon Sword & Shield?

Pokémon Sword and Short Game
Pokémon Sword & Shield. Image source: Pokemon

Most players take a minimum of 25 hours and up to 109 😫 hours to beat Pokémon Sword & Shield. The length of time a player takes depends on the style they choose to play the game.

A player may want to rush through the main goals. They may want to skip the text dialogue, including the video cut scenes. If a player chooses this strategy, they can beat Pokémon Sword & Shield within 25 hours.

Another player might want to catch every Pokémon without leaving out any detail.

This option requires the player to set aside up to 109 hours. These are estimates and take into consideration things such as gym fights, critical storylines, and the desire to be the champion of the Galar region.

Some players may want to be engaged with side missions, which affects the battle time. Experimenting with online features like trade and Max Raid Battles prolongs the game’s life. Here is a breakdown of different battle aspects and their estimated duration.

Game Aspect

Estimated Duration

Main storyline

Up to 25 hours

Completionist (Pokédex, etc.)

Minimum of 40 hours

Online Features/Side Games


Why do people not like Pokémon Sword and Shield?

Pokémon Sword a Short Game
Why do people not like Pokémon Sword and Shield? Image source: Pixabay

The frequent grievances 😣 expressed by players include poor graphics quality, few gameplay elements, and limited available Pokémon.

Players give differing reasons for their displeasure with Pokémon Sword and Shield. Many of them refer to the previous games and say they can get all Pokémon in them, unlike in Sword and Shield.

Based on these reasons, it is impossible to transfer a Pokémon to another region if it fails to fit in the Galar region.

For instance, the Pokedex is capable of hitting up to 1,000 Pokémon. However, it is not possible to increase individual Pokémon beyond 1,000.

Most Pokémon found in the other games are not included in this game. Worse still, players cannot bring them into Galar.

Moreover, some players have raised concerns that the game’s complex level is low compared to other games. Experienced players find Pokémon Sword and Shield not challenging.


Is Pokémon Sword and Shield worth it?

Is Pokémon Sword a Short Game?
Pokémon Sword and Shield. Image source: Pokemon

The game is worth 👌 playing both for novices and experienced players. It offers fresh adventures combined with charm and AR immersion.

Players discuss, brainstorm, and get ideas from a vibrant online community. The game is set in a lively new location with compelling characters.

The Wild Area brings a dynamic and open-world feature that offers players an engaging exploration experience.

Additionally, the game introduces Dynamax and Gigantamax features that offer players a new twist beyond the traditional Pokémon battles.

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