Does Pokémon Size Matter? (Should You Choose a Bigger or Smaller Pokémon?)

My brother and I grew up playing Pokémon. We are much older now and have families, but whenever we meet, Pokémon is always in our conversations.

Last week, he bragged about playing with bigger Pokémon. He seemed pretty intrigued by the size and also believed that larger Pokémon were better.

I didn’t think so, and we ended up in a heated discussion 😤 (as always), which led us to dig for the correct information.

Read on to find out if Pokémon size really matters and if you should choose a bigger or smaller Pokémon.

Is It Better To Have Bigger Or Smaller Pokémon?

Should You go with a Bigger or Smaller Pokémon?
Bigger vs Smaller Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest

Generally, Pokémon size does not matter. You can opt to catch small or large Pokémon, depending on your preference.

Although your catch is tracked by size, the size itself has no direct impact on combat. However, sometimes you may encounter in-game challenges where you may be required to catch Pokémon of a particular size.

In this case, size makes a difference since you have to meet the requirements of the game. If you need to catch only XS Pokémon, you need to focus on the mission 💯.

Do Bigger Pokémon Make a Difference?

Pokémon Size
Do Bigger Pokémon Make a Difference? Image source: Pokemon

No, bigger Pokémon do not make a difference ❌. A Pokémon’s size will not affect its IVs, EVs, or base stats.

Contrary to popular belief that the bigger the Pokémon, the more damage it causes, a Pokémon’s IV is its most important feature.

Instead of focusing on the size, you want to take a look at the IV, which determines your Pokémon’s stamina, defense, and attack. You can train your Pokémon and attain better IVs and EVs.

Is It Better To Evolve XL Pokémon?

Should You pick a Bigger or Smaller Pokémon?
Evolve XL Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest

No, the size of the Pokémon does not matter at all. Instead of looking at the size, it is better to focus on the individual qualities such as CP and IV.

You want to evolve a strong, fast-learning Pokémon. If it has these qualities, it is worth evolving regardless of its size.

For instance, if you have an XS Pokémon with a higher CP than the XL Pokémon, it would make much more sense to evolve the XS.

What Is The Benefit of Having an XL Pokémon?

XL Pokémon seem to have more HP compared to normal and XS Pokémon. Also, XL can attain a higher CP of up to 50, unlike other Pokémon, whose limit is 40.

With XL Pokémon, you need to use XL Candy to level up. The fact that XL candy is harder to obtain makes the game thrilling ☺. You must be a level 31 trainer to qualify to obtain XL Candy.

Should You Keep XS Pokémon?

Via Tenor

Yes, you should keep XS Pokémon. Although size does not matter much, XS Pokémon seem to attack faster compared to their XL counterparts.

However, they do have a lower hp. Apart from this, there is nothing different about XS Pokémon. It is also worth noting that XS Pokémon starts with a lower CP.

Keeping XS Pokémon can also be an added advantage when size-related challenges come up.

The table below shows a summary of instances where Pokémon Size may influence the game.



More HP compared to XS and normal Pokémon.

Attacks faster compared to XL.

Can obtain CP of up to 50.

Start with a lower CP.

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