Do Pokémon like being captured? (Do Pokémon choose to be captured?)

Before I became a trainer, I used to think about the relationship Pokémon have with their trainers. I once put myself into the shoes of Pokémon and asked myself how they feel when they are captured.

🤝Now that I have been training Pokémon for a while, I understand them better and have managed to develop a good relationship with them.

I created this post to help you understand whether Pokémon like being captured or not. Read on to learn this and much more!

Why do Pokémon listen to trainers after being captured?

🤦‍♂️Most Pokémon do not listen to their trainers after being captured. In the games, Pokémon only obey trainers that have sufficient badges for their level.

A Pokémon of a higher level is more likely to respect a trainer that is capable of defeating string trainers such as Gym leaders.

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Pokémon like being captured by a worthy human who can train them to reach their full potential. Therefore, if a Pokémon is too strong for the trainer, the likelihood of them disobeying or simply ignoring orders when sent into a fight is high.

Most Pokémon take some time to warm up to trainers, and even though they may disobey at first, this may change if you are a good trainer.

Do Pokémon choose to be captured?

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A Pokémon only chooses to be captured if it is interested in joining the trainer that caught it. With that said, Pokémon enjoy battling.💪 Being captured by worthy trainers gives them a chance to battle more, recover easily, and become stronger faster.

Therefore, they desire to be captured by such trainers.

Wild Pokémon can control their chances of getting captured. This is because they are not encountered unless they attack a trainer who is traveling. Therefore, if a wild Pokémon does not want to be captured, they will simply not attack humans traveling.

What makes a Pokémon choose not to be caught?

Just like humans, Pokémon are beings that have minds of their own. They are, therefore, able to make their own decisions.

🙅‍♂️A Pokémon can choose not to be caught if it feels that a trainer is not worthy enough to train it. Pokémon are smart, and if a trainer does not demonstrate that they are strong enough to take them in, they choose not to be caught.

Since a Pokémon has a certain level of freedom, it can also choose to leave a trainer if it wants to.

Do Pokeballs brainwash the Pokémon they capture?

Do Pokémon choose to be captured?

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Pokéballs do not exactly brainwash the Pokémon they capture. What they do is accelerate the Pokémon’s behavioral conditioning and make them more docile so that they can listen more to the trainer.

This explains the change of behavior in a wild Pokémon that becomes friendly after you throw a Pokeball and capture it despite its initial hostile behavior.

Pokéballs simply domesticize Pokémon. Just like you can convert a wolf into a pet with a lot of training and effort, Pokéballs make Pokémon more friendly toward trainers.

What stops a Pokémon from escaping or fighting back after being captured into a Pokeball?

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We mentioned that a Pokeball makes a Pokémon less harsh towards a trainer who uses a Pokéball to capture it.

A Pokémon does not fight back or try to escape because it accepts that it has been beaten and wants to be captured by the trainer.

Additionally, some Pokémon fans argue that having a trainer means that the Pokémon will have access to training, food, entertainment, and medical care.

Therefore, Pokémon do not escape after they are captured into a Pokéball since they know that they will be well taken care of.

To raise your chances of getting a Pokémon, consider throwing a Pokéball when the circle is very small. You have a higher chance of catching a Pokémon according to the color of the circle.

Here are the chances based on the colors of the circle.


Chances of catching a Pokémon








Very low

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