How to get lost satchels legends arceus (How often do lost satchels spawn?)

I have been playing Pokemon Legends: Arceus for a while now, and I have discovered a lot of secrets and surprises in this fantastic game. One of the things that caught my attention was the lost satchels that appear randomly around the map.

These items belong to other players or NPCs knocked out in the wild. Finding and returning them earns me merit points, which help me buy rare items at the trading post.

In this article, I will give you tips and tricks on getting lost satchels in Pokemon Legends: Arceus based on my experiences as a seasoned explorer😄.

How do lost satchels work?


In the Pokemon game Legends: Arceus, lost satchels are a feature. Here is how they work:

Lost Satchels are items you may find while exploring that have been dropped by other players who lost. These satchels contain items that the players lost😁.

If you pick up a Lost Satchel, you can take it to the owner. To do this, you need to open the menu, navigate to the Communications tab, select the Satchel you found, and return it.

When you return a Lost Satchel, you will receive Merit Points🎉. These points can be exchanged for unique items at the selling area in Jubilife Village.

Additionally, you will receive the item shown in the Lost and Found menu once you return the Satchel. When another trainer collects your Lost Satchel on their map, the items you lost when you were defeated will be given to you.

How often do lost satchels spawn?

At what frequency do lost satchels appear or spawn in the game?
Lost satchels spawn. Image source: Pinterest

Lost satchels spawn based on a few factors:

  • Only four Lost Satchels can be picked up in an expedition in each area.
  • The respawn time for Lost Satchels may differ, but they have been reported to reappear every 5-6 hours🥳.
  • Once you have collected all the Lost Satchels on a map, it is advised that you head over to Jubilife Village to receive a list of Lost Satchels. Some players have found new Lost Satchels immediately after going to Jubilife Village.
  • The availability of Lost Satchels depends on whether you are playing online or offline . If you are online, you need to wait for your game to connect with players who have lost😬. If you are offline, random trainers who have been defeated will drop Lost Satchels.

How do you locate lost satchels?


Look for locations on the Map with a Satchel icon to find lost satchels in the game. When you get there, search for a tiny bag on the floor to locate the lost satchel.

If you’re using an Arc Phone, open it while in the field, and satchels dropped from other players will appear on the map. To locate them faster, set a pin on them and head over to the area🧐.

After collecting any Lost Satchels, go to the communications tab on the menu. Press Lost and Found from there, and you will see displayed any lost satchels you collected.

How do I claim lost satchels?

Claiming lost satchels involves the following steps:

Lost Satchels Recovery Steps


Lost and Found Section

Scroll to the lost and found area in the game.

Finding Lost Satchels

If a player comes across your lost satchels, they are placed in the Lost and Found area of the menu.

Claiming Items

Retrieve your items from the Lost and Found tab.

You will automatically receive all your lost satchels in your storage.

How do you make lost satchels appear?

How often do lost satchels spawn?
Lost satchels. Image source: Pinterest

Lost Satchels appear when a character faints in the field. Lost satchels appear in these circumstances:

  • Getting Knocked Out🤯– Lost Satchels are created when a character faints in the field. The items lost during the knockout are stored in these satchels.
  • Locating Lost Satchels– The player can find Lost Satchels all over the map. The player’s Arc Phone will display any satchels close by. The player can pin the area by hanging over the satchels and clicking the A button, making it easier to find the satchel in the game😁.

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