How Long Is Pokemon Legends Arceus? (Is Legends Arceus Worth It?)

If you grew up with the original Pokémon games, TV shows, and movies in the ’90s, then the Pokémon Legend Arceus will be the best thing you will experience since it is the best spinoff in the mainline series.

The greatest part of this game is that once you finish ūüŹĀ the main story, there is the Arceus post-game; these are the additional 70 hours dedicated to completing the game’s story.

Continue reading to learn more about the additional hours of the post-game that have proven that the fun and adventure of the Arceus is not over yet.

How long is Legends Arceus post-game?

Is Legends Arceus Worth It?
How long is Legends Arceus post-game? Image source: Pinterest

In Arceus, post-game, you can expect to continue playing the game for another 20 to 70 hours and discover ūüę® another world.

Depending on how comprehensive you want to be, you can opt to catch a legendary Pokémon or to complete requests just like most players do.

You can also decide to complete the game by playing all the tasks provided.


How long does it take to complete the Pokemon Legends Arceus?

If your only goal is to complete the main story, then Pokémon legend Arceus will only take you 20 to 30 hours to complete.

Since there are a lot of tasks to complete after the main story, you may spend an additional 70 hours in order to complete 100% of the tasks ūü§Į or the few you can choose to focus solely on.

What is the reward for completing the Pokemon Arceus?

After you get to level 10 entry on each Pok√©mon, you are ūüéČ rewarded with a Shiny Charm, to which the chances to find it drastically increase.

If you finish and still haven’t found it, then you will be rewarded with Shiny Charm.

As much as the Shiny Charm is rare to find, once the Max Breakout happens, then the chances of finding it significantly increase.


How many Pokémon does it take to complete the Pokedex in Arceus?

You are required to collect 242 Pokémon in the Hisui Pokedex. The Pokemon to be collected include the Pokemon from past generations that are making their first appearance in Legend Arceus.

I reside in the Hisui region. In addition, for you to complete the Pokedex in Arceus, you will also need to complete a number of research tasks. Below are some of the Pokemon available in Pokedex;


Space-time distortion location


Crimpson Mirelands


Alabaster Icelands


Coronet Highlands


Coronet Highlands


Crimsom Mirelands

Are Legends Arceus worth it?

Legends Arceus Worth 
Are Legends Arceus worth it? Image source: Pinterest

Having played and completed 100% of the game, I can strongly attest that for Pok√©mon enthusiasts, the Legend Arceus is a must-experience game and more so for beginners who are looking for points to other games ūü•≥.

I really liked playing the Legend Arceus from the storyline; the sound design, the additional hours, and the side quests that are available while still in the main story gave me a nostalgic feeling from playing it as a kid.

I would totally recommend it.

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