Can you Breed Iron Valiant Pokémon? (How do you get Iron Valiant in Pokémon)

🧚 🗲 The Iron Valiant Pokémon is one of the most powerful Pokémon I encountered while playing Pokémon Violet. After seeing how exceptionally equipped it is to perform in battle, I wanted more of them to strengthen my army.

But it was impossible to get more of these creatures through the conventional ways of evolving or breeding your Pokémon.

It was such a bummer. 

However, I could understand why they would not want to make the Iron Valiant Pokémon easily accessible. I, therefore, quickly learned the trick of how to catch them, which I will share with you shortly.

Read on to find out how to catch the Iron Valiant Pokémon.

How do you get valiant iron Pokémon?

How do you get Iron Valiant in Pokémon
Valiant iron Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest

First and foremost, you should know the Iron Valiant Pokémon is only exclusive to Pokémon Violet and is a rare Pokémon to have since;

For a player to get Valiant Iron Pokémon, you should be in the final area of the main game. Once there, head over to the Great Crater. Make your way to the grassy area, then walk around. When you get to the right spot, several Iron Valiant will spawn.

Can you trade valiant iron Pokémon?

How do you get Iron Valiant in Pokémon
Trade valiant iron Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest

Yes 😃, you can trade the Valiant Iron Pokémon.

The trading option is usually for trainers visiting the Paldean Pokedex while playing Pokémon Scarlet. Since the Valiant Iron is exclusive to Pokémon Violet, the only option for these players is to trade one of their Pokémon with the Iron Valiant. 

💱 To get a Valiant Iron with trade, you need to trade in with a Roaring Moon. You can try trade codes 0398 or 0397. 

When trading with these trade codes, you have to keep in mind the same codes are being used by random people. It is, therefore, possible to have two players log in with the same code concurrently. Hence, you might not be able to get your preferred Pokémon. 

If this happens, I recommend you leave the trade, then try again later, using the same trade code. 

Can you catch Valiant Iron Pokémon?

getting Iron Valiant in Pokémon
Catch Valiant Iron Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest

Yes, you can catch Valiant Iron Pokémon.

Here, I will give you a step-by-step guide on the exact route to take until you get the Valiant Iron Pokémon. 

The Iron Valiant Pokémon can only be caught while in the final area of the game. While there

  • Head over to the Great Crater area and make your way to the bottom of the crater.
  • Take the path you will see on your left. Go ahead until you spot a tree.
  • Look around to find a small opening in a different rock formation. 
  • Head through it towards the waterfall until you get to the grassy area. 
  • The Iron Valiant Pokémon is found in this area. But they will only appear once you are in the right spot.
  • Therefore, you need to walk around in that area until they spawn. Then, you can catch one. 


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