Can You Get Koraidon in Pokémon Violet? (How to Catch Koraidon in Pokémon Violet)

Capturing the second Koraidon makes it to my top 10 moments as a gamer. However, I wanted to get Koraidon into Pokémon Violet, but I didn’t know how.

That was until someone hinted at trading. It was a face-slap moment since I considered myself an “Expert” at this game 🤦‍♂️.

Anyway, with help from a friend, I accessed the trading platform and found an interested player. Luckily, he was in the same town as me, and we met to finalize the trade.

I thought of sharing how to get Koraidon in Pokémon Violet.

How to get Koraidon in Pokémon Violet

How to Catch Koraidon in the Pokémon Violet
Koraidon in Pokémon Violet. Image source: Pinterest

The only way to get Koraidon in Pokémon Violet is by trading. Koraidon is a legendary Pokémon available on Pokémon Scarlet.

You’ll get the first at the beginning of the game and the second at the end. For Pokémon Violet players, you’ll get Miraidon.

These Legendary Pokémon are loved for their impressive attacks and speed. Here’s a table outlining their stats 👇:





Fight / Dragon

Electric/ Dragon










Sp. Attack



Sp. Defense






Luckily, getting this second Koraidon or Miraidon follows the same process 😃. Here’s how to get Koraidon in Pokémon Scarlet:

  1. Collect all the Gym Badges, beat all Team Star Bases, and defeat Titans.
  2. Go to the Great Crater of Paldea to complete the game’s storyline.
  3. Go back to the bottom of the crater once the credits roll.
  4. You’ll find a Koraidon waiting for you on an incline. Battle it using Fairy Type Pokémon.
  5. Once you’ve weakened it, use your Pokeball to capture it.

What Pokémon Ball is best to catch Koraidon?

Use a Master Ball, Ultra Ball, or Repeat Ball to capture a Koraidon.

Master Ball

Ways to Catch Koraidon in Pokémon Violet
Master Ball. Image source: Pokemon

The Master Ball is available after beating the entire game and speaking to Director Clavell at the University. This Ball can catch any Pokémon whether they’re weak or strong.

Ultra Ball

Catch Koraidon in Pokémon Violet
Ultra Ball. Image source: Pokemon

The Ultra Ball is perfect for Tera raids and capturing Legendaries like Koraidon. Here’s how to get one:

  1. Buy from Poke Mart or Delibird Present store after beating five Gyms in the Victory Road Quest.
  2. Participate in the Porto Marinada Auction after beating the Cascarrafa Gym Challenge.
  3. Catch and add 100 unique Pokémon to the Pokedex. Once done, speak to Professor Jacq and collect Ultra Balls as your reward.

Repeat Ball

Get Koraidon in Pokémon Violet
Repeat Ball. Image source: Pokemon

Like Ultra Balls, Repeat Balls are available in the Poke Mart and Delibird. You’ll get them after getting three Gym badges. Alternatively, complete the Cascarrafa Gym Challenge to access the Porto Marinada Auction.

Where can you get Koraidon in Pokémon Violet?

As mentioned, you can only get Koraidon in Pokémon Violet through trading. However, to get the second Koraidon in Pokémon Scarlet, go to the Great Crater of Paldea, where you’ll have to battle it on the incline, weaken it, and throw a Pokémon ball to capture it.

If you have a Master Ball, use it to skip the battle and capture Koraidon 😉.

How many Koraidon can you catch in Pokémon Violet?

Koraidon- Can You Get Koraidon in Pokémon Violet?
Koraidon in Pokémon Violet. Image source: Pokemon

You get a Koraidon at the beginning of Pokémon Scarlet. However, you can capture a second one at the end of the game.

To get it into Violet, trade with another player from Scarlet.

Can you trade Koraidon in Pokémon Violet?


Yes. You can get Koraidon into Pokémon Violet by trading with another player. To do this, you’ll need a Miraidon. Here’s how:

  1. Open the Poke Portal.
  2. Click “Link Trade” to match with interested players.
  3. Select “Set Link Code” and type “0399-0400.”
  4. Click “Begin Searching” and wait for a match.

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