Will Pokemon games ever end? (Do Pokémon games have an ending?)

😊Having grown up playing Pokémon games, I find joy in seeing my kids enjoy them as much as I do. This franchise keeps on getting stronger with every release.

The other day, we were having an interesting discussion regarding Pokémon in our home. My cousin asked whether Pokémon games would eventually come to an end, considering they have been in existence for decades.

Since we had different views on this, I decided to do comprehensive research on this. I found contradicting information with many believing that the game will eventually come to an end while others believed it would never have an ending.

I came up with this article to share more insight on this.

Keep reading to find out more.

Will Pokémon eventually end?

Will Pokémon eventually end?
Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest

While some fans suggest that Pokémon is here to stay and will never end, some imply that it will end at some point between the 15 and 20th Generation.

🔥Pokémon has been in existence for around 25 years, and it is among the top 3 most popular Franchises in the world.

Some fans feel that even if Pokémon becomes less popular, it will not go away entirely.

Those with this opinion argue that something catastrophic like a natural disaster would have to occur for Pokémon to end completely.

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Here are more details regarding Pokémon.


Japanese media franchise

Comprising of

Video games, a trading card game, films, animated series

Created by

Satoshi Tajiri


Nintendo Creatures Game Freak


1996 to date

Is Pokémon growing or dying?

Is Pokémon growing or dying?
Pokémon games. Image source: Pinterest

👍Pokémon is growing because more Pokémon games are still being introduced, anime is still being produced, and merchandise is selling.

The fact that Pokémon is the highest-grossing media franchise in the world is proof of its immense growth.

Pokémon has been among the most portable brands for some time now, and there is no indication that this trend will change any time soon.

Additionally, Pokémon keeps on attracting more fans, which is also a sign of its growth.

Is Pokémon Go ending?

Is Pokémon Go ending?
Pokémon Go. Image source: Pinterest

Though Pokémon Go has been a sensation since its introduction back in 2016, there are certain indicators that show that it will eventually end at some point.

Today, it is still among the last mobile games in the world, but players may eventually move on to other games.

Though this game may eventually end, it still rakes millions each month. One of the things that contributed to its popularity is the Covid 19 pandemic.

Reports reveal that Pokémon Go earned arevenue of around 324.26 million dollars between January and August in 2023 alone.

However, this value is lower compared to its revenue in the previous years. Though Pokémon Go is not ending anytime soon, gamers will eventually stop spending cash on it.

Nintendo may be forced to shut it down once the player count goes down and spending slows.

😒Changes to the game, such as an increase in prices on microtransactions and adjustments to features such as Remote Raids, have also made some gamers uninstall the game.

This has contributed to the drop in revenue, and it is a sign that the game may eventually end.

Will Pokemon stop making new-generation games?

Will Pokemon stop making new-generation games?

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The Pokémon company does not have plans to stop making new generation games since it makes so much money from them.

This company has been focusing on ways to balance the steady tempo of new game releases with ensuring that the quality of the games does not change.

With almost every new Pokémon release, this franchise strives to find ways to keep its formula fresh.

This is one of the reasons why it resonates with many people. Definition

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