What Pokémon can you only get in Japan? (What are Japan Regional Pokémon?)

As a trainer, ūüėáI‚Äôm always looking for rare creatures to add to my Pok√©dex. Today, I’m thrilled to take you on a journey through the exclusive Pok√©mon that inhabit the region of Japan.

Seeking new challenges, especially regional Pok√©mon adds an extra layer of excitement to my quest. Join me as we explore the world of Japan’s unique Pok√©mon, discovering which of these creatures can only be found within its borders.

We’re aboutūüĆě to uncover the Pok√©mon that make Japan a special destination in our global Pok√©mon adventure!

Pokémon can you only get in Japan? 

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Let’s start with…

Where do you get regional Pokémon in Japan?

Japan Regional Pokémon

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If you’re in Japan and looking to catch regional Pok√©mon, here are my general tips:

Trade with Locals

Pokémon Go encourages social interaction, and trading is a key feature of the game. If you have the opportunity, connect with local players and trade Pokémon with them.

Trading allows you to obtain Pokémon from different regions, helping you complete your Pokédex.

Explore Different Areas

Regional Pokémon may have specific habitats or biomes within a country. Explore various cities, parks, and different types of environments to increase your chances of encountering a variety of Pokémon.

Visit Landmarks and Tourist Attractions

Japan Regional Pokémon
Regional Pokémon in Japan. Image source: Pinterest

Landmarks and popular tourist destinations ūüĆĚoften have increased Pok√©mon spawns, including regionals.

Check out areas with a high density of PokéStops and Gyms, as they are likely to be hotspots for Pokémon activity.

Participate in Events

Keep an eye on in-game events, as Pokémon Go occasionally hosts special events that increase the spawn rates of certain Pokémon, including regionals.

During such events, you may have a better chance of encountering Pokémon that are typically exclusive to Japan.

Here is a table for Pokemon you can find in Japan:



Remarks (If any)


Kanto Farfetch’d




South Islands of Japan






South Islands of Japan


Star Trim Furfrou

In both Japan and Korea


Star Trim Furfrou






Blue Flabebe



Sensu Oricorio



Pa’u Oriciorio

South Islands of Japan



as a super-rare spawn

Can you get Pokémon exclusive to Japan when you are in the United States?

What are Japan Regional Pokémon?

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You can get exclusive Japanese Pok√©mon while in the States. However, you must trade. For instance, if a Pok√©mon is exclusive to Japan, and you‚Äôre in the United States, you would generally need to trade with someone who ūüėéhas caught that regional Pok√©mon in Japan to obtain it.

Pokémon Go uses location-based data, and the availability of certain Pokémon is tied to real-world locations.

In Pokémon Go, regional Pokémon are typically exclusive to specific geographic regions, and they are meant to encourage players to trade with others around the world.

Therefore, regional Pok√©mon can only be found and caught in their designated regions.ūü§ē

How do you get regional Pokémon without Travelling?

Explore the unique Pokémon species that can only be obtained in Japan.

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The primary way to obtain regional Pok√©mon without traveling is through trading with other Pok√©mon Go players. ūüĆúHere’s how you can go about it:

Coordinate with International Trainers

If you’re looking for a specific regional Pok√©mon from a particular country, try coordinating with trainers from that region.

Online communities, social media groups, or forums dedicated to Pokémon Go are good places to find potential trading partners.

Connect with Friends

Build a network of friends within the game, either by adding people you know or by connecting with other players through local communities or online forums.

Attend Special Events

Pokémon Go occasionally hosts special events, festivals, or in-game activities that may increase the likelihood of encountering certain Pokémon, including regionals.

Keep an eye ūü§™ūüĎÄon official announcements for any events that might make it easier to obtain region-specific Pok√©mon.

Remote Trading

What are Japan Regional Pokémon?
Remote Trading. Image source: Pinterest

Pokémon Go introduced remote trading, allowing players to trade with friends who are far away.

However, remote trading usually requires a certain level of friendship in the game, and there may be additional costs associated with it, such as Stardust.

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