How Often Do Pokémon Games Come Out? (Are Pokémon Games Released Annually?)

I was a kid when the first Pokémon🐉 was released in 1996. I got fascinated with the games the moment I saw Pikachu make electric moves back then.

I embarked on a journey where I have immersed myself in every new Pokémon released since then. Ash and his Pokémon friends have never failed to thrill😺 me.

From the Pokémon Red and Blue in 1996 to Pokémon Scarlet and Violet in 2022, my experience through the Pokémon universe has been an exciting rollercoaster.

Each game adds its unique excitement. Read on to find out how often these games are released.


Are Pokémon games released yearly?

Are Pokémon Games Released often?
Are Pokémon games released yearly? Image source: Pinterest

The Pokémon games developer does not release new games annually. Players wait for a new release every three years.

Sometimes, the developer may release a second version of the game or a side game🎮 in between. An example is the Ultra Sun and the Ultra Moon, released in 2016.

Each new generation features an entirely new Pokémon era, clothes, and merchandise. Additionally, each new release comes with a new attack technique.

For instance, Generation 2 added Special Defense tactics, while Generation 3 introduced special abilities.

What years did each Pokémon game come out?

The first Pokémon series was released in 1996, while the latest release was in 2022. Except for the mini versions, players can speculate the next release to be in 2025.

This table shows the main Pokémon versions since 1996.





Pokémon Red and Blue



Pokémon Gold and Silver



Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire



Pokémon Diamond and Pearl



Pokémon Black and White



Pokémon X and Y



Pokémon Sun and Moon



Pokémon Sword and Shield



Pokémon Scarlet and Violet


How many generations of Pokémon are there?


Up to date, there are 9😆 Pokémon game generations. The latest generation, Scarlet and Violet, was released in November 2022. Every new generation features a series of games.

In Japanese, a generation means a group of games. Since 1996, the developer has released 1,021 games. They are spread across the 9 generations.

For instance, the 9th generation features 120 games, while the 8th generation features 96 games. Some of the generations are remakes of previous generations.

How many generations of Pokémon are left?

Are Pokémon Games Released Annually?
How many generations of Pokémon are left? Image source: Pinterest

Pokémon developers have not made any official announcement yet about the total game generations they anticipate to release.

Based on their systematic game releases, players might be safe to assume that more generations are in the pipeline.

Throughout the years, Game Freak has positioned itself as a powerhouse for innovation. Due to this, Pokémon players and always can always look forward to exciting moments of new releases in the future.

When is the release of the next generation of Pokémon?

Based on the timespan Pokémon developers have been releasing games, it is expected😣 there will be another generation in 3 years from 2022. Players can speculate a release of Pokémon Generation 10 in late 2025.

Its arrival might not be on the exact speculated timelines. Generation 9 might have multiple side games and spin-off games in between.

Already, the Generation 9 Hidden Treasure of Area Zero is in the market. These could affect the Generation 10 release timeline.


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