What Counters Mega Charizard Y? (What is the best counter for Mega Charizard Y?)

For all the years I’ve played Pokémon, I’ve always been a fan of the Charmander family; I am particularly fond of Charizard and its mega evolutions, X and Y.

When Mega Charizard Y returned to Mega Raids in March this year, raiders were struggling to create teams that were strong enough to stop the Charizard.

I have been part of several raids involving Mega Charizard Y, and I know how those can go sometimes (don’t get me started😑😭).

Here are a few pointers for you.

What is Mega Charizard Y weak against?

What is the best way to counter Mega Charizard Y in battles?
Mega Charizard Y. Image source: Pinterest

Mega Charizard Y is a dual fire/flying type, which makes it weak against rock, water, and electric-type moves. As a fire type, Charizard is weak against ground, rock, and water types. Additionally, being a flying type makes it weak against rock, electric, and ice types. After the mega evolution, only the rock, water, and electric types remain.

In a competition against Mega Charizard, Y use rock-type moves because they are double effective against it.

How do you effectively beat a Mega Charizard Y?

You can effectively take down a Mega Charizard Y if your counters can resist all its moves. Mega Charizard Y is weak to rock, water, and electric-type, so using a Pokémon with any of those moves gives you a good fighting chance.

Include Pokémon such as Mega Tyranitar, Mega Aerodactyl, Shadow Rampardos, and Politoad in your team.

One of my favorite tricks is using Politoad and Heliolisk, then do a double switch. Politoad brings rain, so he can’t be solar beamed by the Charizard.

You’ll need to preempt when the Charizard is about to mega-evolve and switch the Politoad out to protect the rain.

Afterward, use a Volt Switch on the Heliolisk to switch back in.

Volt Switch is also a super effective move against Mega Charizard.

Use rock-type Pokémon with moves such as smackdown and brutal swing. A stealth rock setter is a powerful addition because it means the Charizard will be playing with half its HP. Use a special wall to stall the Charizard. One of my friends uses Florges with a wish to outlast the five turns.

What Pokémon is good against Charizard Y?

Are there specific Pokémon or tactics that work well against Mega Charizard Y?
Charizard Y. Image source: Pokemon

In a competition against Mega Charizard Y, always use rock-type Pokémon, though water and electric types are also great options.

According to me, the Mega Tyranitar is the best Pokémon for this fight. You can use smackdown as your fast attack, then charge the stone edge.

Using a sand stream to block sunlight helps wear the Charizard down. The bulkiness of this Pokémon also enables it to survive any Charizard attack and then knock it out with a rock slide in the next turn.

For counters, use Pokémon such as Mega Diancie, Shadow Rhyperior, Mega Tyranitar, Mega Aerodactyl, Shadow Rampardos, and Shadow Tyranitar.

For attackers, good options include Mega Rayquaza, Primal Groudon, Xurkitree, and Shadow Mewtwo. With good moves such as smackdown, brutal swing, and thunder shock, you can defeat the Mega Charizard effectively.

Here’s a table of the best Pokémon and their best move sets.


Pokémon Type

Fast move

Charged move

Mega Diancie


Rock Throw

Rock Slide

Shadow Rhyperior



Rock Wrecker

Mega Tyranitar

Dark rock-type


Stone Edge

Mega Aerodactyl


Rock Throw

Rock Slide

Shadow Rampardos



Rock Slide

Shadow Tyranitar

Dark rock-type


Stone Edge

Mega Rayquaza


Dragon Tail

Dragon Ascent



Spark/Thunder Shock


How many People does it take to Beat Mega Charizard?

Can you recommend the optimal counter for Mega Charizard Y?
Beat Mega Charizard. Image source: Pinterest

To lodge an effective raid battle against Mega Charizard, you need 3 to 5 trainers. Friended groups work better, but you can make an unfriended teamwork.

Ensure that at least 3 trainers are level 40, so the lower-leveled trainers serve as backup.

Every team member should use a rock, water, or electric-type Pokémon. If possible, have mega evolutions in your team!

Can you win against Mega Charizard Y alone?

What is the most effective strategy for countering Mega Charizard Y?
Mega Charizard Y. Image source: Pinterest

Yes💯. It is hard, but still possible, to win against Mega Charizard Y alone. You need to be a level 40 trainer to make it work. Use a rock-type Pokémon with a powerful move set.

If possible, use its mega evolution.

Some good options of Pokémon to consider include Mega Diancie, Shadow Rhyperior, Mega Tyranitar, Mega Aerodactyl, and Shadow Rampardos (refer back to the table for the stats😁)

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