How Many Bottle Caps Can You Use on a Pokémon? (What Is the Bottle Cap Limit in Pokémon?)

You can use multiple Bottle Caps on a Pokémon as long as you have enough Pokémon dollars to buy them.

Recently, someone introduced me to Hyper Training, promising it would revolutionize my gameplay. I was skeptical, so I ignored him 🙄. However, he kept bringing it up every chance, and eventually, I caved.

I was playing Sword and Shield and had a gold bottle cap stashed away. I used it to hyper-train my Tyranitar, and I was hooked!

Although saying it revolutionized my gameplay is an overstatement, it certainly made it more enjoyable.

Let me show you how I did it…

How do Bottle Caps work in Pokémon?

How do Bottle Caps work in Pokémon?
Bottle Caps in Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest

Bottle Caps increase the Individual Value (IV) of the Pokémon they’re used on. IVs determine how good your Pokémon is and are measured from 0 to 31.

These values are determined whenever the games generate a Pokémon. They are why you’ll catch two Charizards with identical natures and levels but have different stats.

Bottle Caps are obtained through raids, battles, or trade. One regular Bottle Cap usually maxes out one IV. However, a Gold Bottle Cap maxes out all six.

This process is called Hyper Training 🤓.

Can you use Bottle Caps on every stat?

Can you use Bottle Caps on every stat?
Use Bottle Caps. Image source: Pinterest

Yes. You can use Bottle caps to max out all six IVs related to the six stats. However, a Gold Bottle Cap simultaneously maxes out all six IVs.

When using them, start with your Pokemon’s most important stat. For instance, max out Special Attack first on a Psychic Pokemon 🧐.

Do Bottle Caps work on level 100 Pokémon?

Do Bottle Caps work on level 100 Pokémon?


Yes. In fact, some games require that your Pokemon reach Level 100 before Hyper Training. It’s worth noting that Hyper Training isn’t necessary for players who only want to finish the game.

However, it’s vital for unlocking the Battle Tower’s deeper levels or creating super competitive Pokemon.

How to get Bottle Caps in Pokemon

How to get Bottle Caps in Pokemon
Bottle Caps in Pokemon. Image source: Pinterest

Bottle caps are located in various locations throughout the Pokemon games. Their location 📍 influences how you get these caps, with most being bought from stores and won in battles and raids.

Here’s a table summarizing how to get Bottle Caps in the Pokemon games:



Sun Moon

Ultra Sun Ultra Moon

Fishing in Poni Island.

Trade 30 shards of the same color.

Fill your Festival Plaza with a max-level treasure hunt lottery shops.

Let’s Go, Pikachu, and Let’s Go, Eevee!

Battle and defeat Mina in Vermilion City Port. You can do this daily.

Get them from the Celadon Game Corner.

Sword and Shield

Unlock the Battle Tower.

Partner with the Skill Brother of the digging duo in the Wild area.

Participate in Max Raid Battles.

Use a level 80 – 100 Pokemon with Pickup.

The Isle of Armor


Hidden in the Potbottom Desert.

The Crown Tundra

Max Lair.

Hidden items in the Giant’s Bed, Crown Shrine, Lakeside Cave, and Giant’s Foot.

Buy from a Watt Trader at Slowside Slope for 8000W

Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Purchase at the BP shop in the Battle Tower for 25 BP.

Use a level 71 – 100 Pokemon with Pickup.

Scarlet and Violet

Buy from the Delibird Store.

Participate in the Porto Marinada auction.

Tera Raid Battle.

Academy Ace Tournament.

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