What Is the Best Team for Elite Four in Pokemon Scarlet? (What Is the Best Pokémon Team to Beat the Elite Four?)

Several combinations work against the elite four based on preference, strengths, and weaknesses. One such team includes Gyarados, Baxcalibur, Armarouge, Tinkaton, Clodsire, and your starter Pokemon.

Scarlet and Violet allow players to switch their teams between battles.

This made facing the Elite Four easy, and I quickly moved to the Postgame storyline. I remember trying to beat all Elite Four using one Pokemon 😂s, a decision I regretted until I learned that someone had done it; more on that later.

Let’s first cover the best team for beating the Elite Four in Pokemon Scarlet.

What is the best Pokémon team to beat the Elite Four?

As mentioned, several Pokemon combinations work against the Elite Four. In this case, we’ll stick to Skeledirge (starter), Clodsire, Tinkaton, Armarouge, Baxcalibur, and Gyarados 🧐.


Elite Four - Skeledirge
Skeledirge. Image source: Pinterest

Skeledirge is a Fire/Ghost type Pokemon with impressive HP, Defense, and Special Attack stats. This dual type covers most of Poppy’s team, especially Bronzong.


Elite Four - Poppy
Clodsire. Image source: Pinterest

Clodsire is a Poison/Ground-type Pokemon that evolves from the Paldean Wooper. It has the Poison Point and water absorb abilities and the hidden ability Unaware.

This Pokemon also learns Stone Edge and Earthquake, making it the perfect all-rounder.


Elite Four -Tinkaton
Tinkaton. Image source: Pinterest

Tinkaton is a Fairy/Steel-type Pokemon that evolves from Tinkatuff. It has the Mold Breaker and Own Tempo abilities and the Pickpocket hidden ability.

Tinkaton is the perfect pick when facing Hassle’s Dragon types. Equip it with Stone Edge, Gigaton Hammer, and Play Rough before unleashing it on Hassle.


Elite Four - Armarouge
Armarouge. Image source: Pinterest

Armarouge is a Fire/ Psychic Pokemon that evolves from Charcadet. This powerful special attacker is perfect when facing Poppy’s steel-type Pokemon team.

Equip it with the Armor Cannon attack, which is deadly to Poppy’s Pokemon.


Elite Four - Baxcalibur
Baxcalibur. Image source: Pinterest

Baxcalibur is a pseudo-legendary Dragon/Ice-type Pokemon perfect against Larry’s Flying-type Pokemon and Hassle’s Dragon types. Capturing and training this pseudo-legendary is challenging but worth it.


Elite Four - Gyarados
Gyarados. Image source: Pinterest

Gyarados is a water/flying type that evolves from Magikarp. It’s perfect against Rika since its Rain Dance and Dragon Dance make quick work of her Pokemon.

However, Gyarados is vulnerable to attacks like Stone Edge and Rock Slide. Therefore, use it as a finisher.

What is the best Pokémon type to beat the Elite Four?

There isn’t a single Pokemon type that can beat all members of the Elite Four since each specializes in one type and has a team of five.

Here’s a table outlining the type weaknesses of each member of the Elite Four 👇.




Rika (Ground)




Ground and Water


Grass, Ice, and Water


Grass, Ice, and Water


Ground, Ice, and Psychic

Poppy (Steel)


Poison, Fighting, Ground, and Fire.


Fire, Fighting, and Ground.


Electric and Fire


Dark, Fire, Ghost, and Ground.


Fire, Fighting, and Ground.

Larry (Flying)


Electric, Ice, and Rock


Ice and Rock


Dragon, Fairy, Ice, and Rock


Electric, Fairy, Flying, Ice, and Psychic


Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison, and Rock

Hassle (Dragon)


Dragon, Fairy, Rock, and Ice


Dragon, Ground, Psychic, and Ice


Dragon, Fairy, and Ice


Bug, Dragon, Fairy, Flying, Ice, and Poison.


Dragon, Fairy, Fighting, Rock, and Steel

What level should I be for the Elite 4 Scarlet?

Reach level 60 or higher to face the Elite Four 🤓. This is because most Pokemon fall within this level. Here are the levels for each member of the Elite Four:

  1. Rika – Level 57 and 58
  2. Poppy – Level 58 and 59
  3. Larry – level 59 and 60
  4. Hassle – Levels 60 and 61

Remember, the Elite Four battles are some of the toughest in the game, and you cannot risk being under-leveled. Additionally, stock up on healing items before entering the building.

What is the Elite Four weak against in Pokemon Scarlet?

As mentioned, each member of the Elite Four specializes in a specific Pokemon type. As such, each has its own weakness.


Elite Four Pokemon Scarlet- Rika
Elite Four in Pokemon Scarlet. Image source: Pinterest

As mentioned, Rika specializes in Ground-type Pokemon. Therefore, your best Water, Grass, and ice types should help you when facing this trainer.

Lead with a Grass type against Whiscash and switch to water types in subsequent battles.


Elite Four Pokemon Scarlet- Poppy
Poppy. Image source: Pinterest

Poppy specializes in Steel-type Pokemon. Therefore, Fire and Ground Pokemon should work fine. It’s worth noting that four of her Pokemon have Psychic or Fairy-type attacks. As such, focus on Fire and Ground counters.


Elite Four Pokemon Scarlet- Larry
Larry. Image source: Pinterest

Larry specializes in Flying types. Therefore, Electric types work perfectly here. Additionally, you can incorporate Fire, Rock, and Dragon types in your last battles.


Elite Four Pokemon Scarlet- Hassle
Hassle. Image source: Pinterest

Hassle specializes in Dragon-type Pokemon. Therefore, focus on Dragon, ice, and fairy attacks. However, be careful when using Fairy-type moves against Haxorus and Dragagle since they have Steel and Poison attacks.

Can you beat the Elite Four with one Pokemon in Scarlet?

Can you beat the Elite Four with one Pokemon in Scarlet?


Yes. It’s possible to beat all the Elite Four with one Pokemon. However, this is a risky play, requiring strategy and luck. One guide recommends using Dudunsparce, and yes, you heard that right.

You’ll need to level up to 60 and teach this Normal-type Flamethrower, Shadow Ball, Tail Wind, and Ice Beam.

Additionally, you’ll need healing items to prepare for subsequent battles.

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