Can Pokemon Go run in background? (Can you play Pokemon Go in the background?)

I remember the first time I tried to multitask while playing Pokemon Go. I switched to another app, expecting my avatar to continue walking towards a nearby PokeStop.

To my surprise, I returned to find my avatar standing still, the PokeStop still out of reach.

This experience made me conclude that Pokemon Go cannot run in the background.

So, in this article, I’ll explain the game mechanics and how to keep your Pokemon journey going even when life demands your attention elsewhere.

Can you play Pokemon Go in the background?

Can you play Pokemon Go in the background?
Play Pokemon Go in the background. Image source: Pinterest

No, you cannot play Pokemon Go in the background. Even though the app runs in the background when counting steps and tracking the egg-hatching progress, the app cannot let you play in the background unless it is the application running on the screen.

However, with Bluetooth accessories such as Pokemon GO Plus, Poke Ball Plus, and Pokemon GO Plus +, there could be a possibility.

Niantic has mentioned that using these Bluetooth devices enables you to play Pokemon GO without having to check your app, even if your phone is asleep or if Pokemon GO is running in the background.

Can Pokemon Go count steps in the background?

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Yes, Pokemon Go does count steps in the background😌. The game developers (Niantic) created the adventure sync feature and added it to the 1.93.1 Pokemon Go game version, released in 2018. This feature prompts you to allow it to sync with your Apple Health for IOS users and GoogleFit for Android users.

After letting it access the health features of your phone, it will automatically start tracking and counting your steps in the background.

This feature enables players to hatch more eggs, collect rewards, and participate in milestone events while walking🥳.

Can Pokemon Go app be running in the background to hatch eggs?

Can Pokemon Go app be running in the background to hatch eggs?
Pokemon Go app. Image source: Pinterest

The Pokemon Go application can be running in the background to hatch eggs🌞. This app requires you to run it in the background for it to allow the hatching of eggs since the application is not an in-built health tracker that counts steps.

However, in Pokemon Go Plus or Gotcha devices, you have the option to lock the phone or let the app run in the background.

This feature enables you to track distances that make it possible for egg hatching while your phone is not actively in use.

However, the adventure sync feature is preferable for many players as it tracks your walking progress and allows you to hatch your eggs without letting the Pokemon Go app in the background.

How do you keep Pokemon Go app running in the background?

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Various players have experienced the effect of their devices killing background applications🥴. This has affected how the Pokemon Go runs in the background, as their devices usually shut it down forcefully.

To stop this from happening and keep your Pokemon Go app running in the background, you should first switch off your battery-saver mode; here is how you can do it:

  • Go to settings.
  • Then battery.
  • Battery saver and turn it off.

After that, ensure that the battery optimization option for Pokemon Go is switched off by following these steps :






Apps and Notifications.


Scroll down and expand “Advanced.”


Special App Access.


Battery optimization.


Select “All Apps” instead of “Not optimized.”


Scroll down to find Pokemon Go, and click on it to set it to “Don’t optimize.”

As another option, you can use this other method to optimize Pokemon Go for battery usage: Start by long-pressing the Pokemon Go icon on your home screen. This will open the App Info.

From there, expand the “Advanced” section and click on “Battery”. Then, click on “Battery Optimization”. Select “All Apps” in the new screen instead of “Not optimized.”

Finally, scroll down to find Pokemon Go and click on it to set it to “Don’t optimize.” This should help keep Pokemon Go running in the background😅.

What is the purpose of keeping “allow background activity” and “allow background data usage” in the game?

What is the purpose of keeping "allow background activity" and "allow background data usage" in the game?
Pokemon app. Image source: Pinterest

These features are significant when “ALLOWED” to run in the background.

therefore, when the “allow background activity” is enabled, its purpose will be to allow the Pokemon app to remain active even when you are not directly using it.

This ensures that the game keeps tracking your location and steps while still using other applications or when you have locked your screen, whereas the “allow background data usage” purpose is to let the app make use of data while still running in the background.

In the case of Pokemon Go, this might involve updating your location, syncing game data, or maintaining connections with accessories like the Pokemon Go Plus.

How long can I leave Pokemon go running in the background

The minutes or hours of Pokemon Go can run in the background, depending on your phone. Some phones may reset the game after 1-5 minutes, while others can keep it running longer with unique settings.

Check your device’s power and battery management settings to access these special features. If those settings are unavailable, you can use a “Screen dimmer” app to lower screen brightness to keep the game running for over 12 hours.

Additionally, it can depend on the type of device and the amount of RAM it has. Most layer devices with a larger RAM allow them to run apps in the background without a problem.

For this reason, they can leave Pokemon Go to run all night; however, they recommend shutting down all the other apps.

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