What Is the Best Spot in New York for Pokemon Go? (What Part of New York Is Best for Pokemon Go?)

Central Park is arguably the best spot in New York to catch Pokemon in Pokemon Go. I learned this last year when I spent Thanksgiving in New York.

I had some free time and decided to catch some Pokemon. My friend suggested Central Park; he was right. I captured my first Snorlax and had a blast raiding nearby gyms.

I also walked into a wall 👇, but we won’t get into that. Instead, here are the best spots in New York to play Pokemon Go.

10 Best places to play PokemonGo in New York

New York City is perhaps the most famous place on earth. It houses exquisite landmarks and parks that are perfect for Pokemon.

Here are some of the best places to play Pokemon Go 😃.

Central Park

Central Park
Central Park. Image source: Pinterest

You knew this would be on the list. This 843-acre park is a literal playground for Pokemon trainers. Its diverse biome ensures you’ll find all kinds of Pokemon like Snorlax, Charizard, Jigglypuff, Wartortle, and Pikachu. Additionally, you’ll more than likely run into rare Pokemon.

Although, be prepared to walk!

Union Square Park

Union Square Park
Union Square Park. Image source: Pinterest

Union Square Park is perfect if you want to snag some Pokemon without moving around too much. You’ll encounter Arbok, Oddish, Snorlax, and Hitmonchan as you relax on the steps or explore the park.

Additionally, there are several gyms and Poke stops.

Battery Park

Battery Park
Battery Park. Image source: Pinterest

Battery Park City is located along the Hudson River, giving you serene waterfront views and a diverse range of Pokemon.

Magikarps, Tentacool, Seadra, Horsea, Dratini, and Goldean are popular here. However, don’t limit yourself to water types.

Occasionally, you’ll run into Ryhorn, Exeggcute, and Ekans.

Times Square

Times Square
Times Square. Image source: Pinterest

With more than 330,000 people passing through daily, are you surprised this landmark made it to this list? Times Square is a tourist and Pokemon magnet. It houses several gyms and Pokestops.

Plus, you’ll find rare Pokemon like Geodude, Jigglypuff, and Pontya.

The Nintendo World Store

The Nintendo World Store
The Nintendo World Store. Image source: Pinterest

It would be weird if we didn’t find Pokemon hanging around the Nintendo World Store. This spot has several Pokestops and is famous for housing Pontya, Magmar, Pidgeotto, Magnemite, Slowpoke, and Voltorb.

So, whip out your phone the next time you’re there; who knows what you’ll find?

Prospect Park

Prospect Park
Prospect Park. Image source: Pinterest

With a 526-acre footprint, Prospect Park is the second-largest park in Brooklyn. Like Central Park, it offers a diverse biome that houses several Pokemon.

You’ll often find Pikachu, Psyduck, Gastly, Onyx, Seadra, Vulpix, and Scyther hanging out here.

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge. Image source: Pinterest

Whip out your phone and catch yourself a Bulbasaur, Clefairy, Shellder, or Poliwag the next time you’re relaxing by the waterfront.

The Brooklyn Bridge offers a wide range of rare and water-type Pokemon.

Bryant Park

Bryant Park
Bryant Park. Image source: Pinterest

Bryant Park is smaller than others on this list. However, it has several Pokestops and gyms within walking distance, making it perfect for catching and raiding.

These stops are usually stacked on each other, making the park ideal for luring Pokemon.

Grand Army Plaza

Grand Army Plaza
Grand Army Plaza. Image source: Pinterest

This is another popular spot for catching Pokemon. Like Central Park, you’ll have to walk around before finding Pokestops and gyms.

Gantry Plaza State Park

Gantry Plaza State Park
Gantry Plaza State Park. Image source: Pinterest

Located in Long Island, Gantry Plaza State Park houses several Pokemon species. You’ll encounter Aerodactyl, Dragonite, Electabuzz, and Bulbasaur as you admire the waterfront views.

Where can I find rare Pokemon in New York?

Where can I find rare Pokemon in New York?


You’ll often find rare Pokemon around the Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, and Gantry Plaza State Park. As mentioned, New York’s diverse landmarks and biomes make it a nesting ground for diverse Pokemon.

However, it’s worth noting that these locations change.

Here’s a table outlining popular places where rare Pokemon were spotted 👇:




Manhattan – Upper East Side


Queens College


Brooklyn – Maria Hernandez Park.

Manhattan – Herald Square.


Brooklyn – The York Street F train stop.

Manhattan – Isham Park.


Brooklyn – 16th and 76th Avenue.

Brooklyn – Ocean Parkway and Shore Parkway


Junction Boulevard and Roosevelt Avenue

What are the coordinates of New York in Pokemon Go?

New York’s coordinates on Pokemon Go are 40.755205, -73.982997 🗺️. These put you close to Bryant Park. It’s worth noting that most coordinates pinpoint the exact Pokemon location within the city. They include:

  1. Female Walrein – 40.771799, -73.866027
  2. Male Charizard – 40.743615, -73.724662
  3. Male Aerodactyl – 40.747392, -73.994251
  4. Male Bulbasaur – 40.900616, -73.819080

What Pokemon are only found in New York?

Bouffalant is a region-specific Pokemon unique to New York and surrounding areas 🗽. This Normal-type Pokemon debuted in the Generation 5 games. It has the Reckless and Sap Sipper Abilities.

Bouffalant doesn’t evolve and has decent HP, Attack, and Special Defense stats.

This Pokemon is known to charge wildly at opponents, and their fur absorbs damage during attacks.

This Pokemon debuted alongside others in Pokemon Go during the 2020 Unova week. It was available in New York City inside 5Km eggs received after spinning Pokestop and Gym photo discs.

Some players reported finding it in Rhode Island, while others in Boston.

You’ll often find Bouffalant near apartments, schools, and parking lots.

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