Is Absol a rare Pokémon? (how rare is Absol in Pokémon Go?)

Yes, Absol is considered a rare Pokémon in Pokémon Go, and I’ll never forget the day I got my first Absol. I encountered it in a raid I was.

However, capturing it wasn’t easy, but after using my UltraBall combined with a few Razz Berries, I managed to weaken it and capture it.

This rare encounter made me write this article, which discusses the various ways to catch Absol and why it is rare.

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How rare is Absol in Pokémon Go?

How rare is Absol in Pokémon Go?
Absol in Pokémon Go. Image source: Pinterest

Absol is classified as a rare Pokémon. It is so rare that the Kilometers required to hatch it have been increased from 10 KM to 12 KM by Niantic.

Additionally, its low encounter rate of 8 percent and catch rate of 24.03 percent contribute to its rarity. This Pokémon is so rare that various players have raised concerns that even hatching the 12 KM eggs doesn’t necessarily guarantee you an Absol.

You can also try to catch it in the raid, but it is still not guaranteed. However, you can find someone who has it and ask them to take it with you.

How to get Absol in Pokémon GO?

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Getting Absol in Pokemon Go requires effort, mainly through egg hatching. It can hatch from 12km eggs obtained by defeating Rocket Leaders when you have an empty egg space🤗.

Another method is defeating Absol as a Tier 4 Raid Boss, which may need a group of skilled trainers for a chance to catch it😄.

Absol’s stats include high attack but low defense and stamina, making it a weaker opponent, so using Fighting, Fairy, or Bug-type moves is effective against it.

Absol is also available in field research tasks and special events like Misunderstood Mischief and Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn – Chasing Legends.

You can also find it in Timed Research events such as Throwback Challenge Hoenn, GO Fest Battle Challenge, Special Weekend Verizon, HOME Event, Luminous Legends Y, and Mountains of Power.

Therefore, defeating Absol as a Tier 4 raid boss or participating in specific research tasks are the main ways to obtain Absol.

What is the encounter rate for Absol?

What is the encounter rate for Absol?
Encounter rate for Absol. Image source: Pinterest

You have an 8 percent rate to encounter Absol🤯. This Pokemon is rare, and this explains why the rate is low.

Additionally, the chances of getting either a male or a female Absol are 50/ 50, while for a shiny one, there is a 1/64 chance, even if the encounter rate is 8%🤐.

However, you can increase your encounter rates by participating in the 12 KM egg-hatching techniques, defeating it in raids, and constantly participating in certain research tasks.

What is the catch rate for Absol in Pokemon Go?

The normal catch rate for Absol in Pokemon Go is 24.03 percent, which is generally calculated for catching an Absol at Level 20 with no berries. However, the type of throw and ball used tend to raise your catch rate.

For instance, a Curved Great throw with no berries has a 50.38 percent catch rate, whereas a curved great throw with a Razz Berry has a catch rate of 65.0 percent.

If you use other berries like Silver Pinap Berry and Golden Razz Berry, the throw will give you a catch rate of 71.67 percent and 82.65 percent, respectively.

Therefore, the throw type and type of berry used greatly influence your catch rate.😁

What is the best Pokeball to catch Absol with?

What is the best Pokeball to catch Absol with?
Pokeball to catch Absol with. Image source: Pinterest

In Pokemon Go, the standard Pokeballs, Great Balls, and Ultra Balls are the primary Pokeballs available for capturing Pokemon.

The Ultra Ball is the most effective Pokeball to catch Absol, with a base catch rate of 42.28 percent when attempting to catch it without berries and at level 20.

However, a great curved throw boosts this rate to 75.38 percent, although this great curve throw rate can boost to 87.78 percent when you use razz berries.

Here is a table showing Pokeball from least effective to most effective while catching Absol

Pokeball type


Standard or normal Pokeball (Red)


Great Ball (Blue)

More effective

Ultra Pokeball

The most effective

Using Razz Berries or Golden Razz Berries alongside the Ultra Ball can further increase your chances of capturing Absol.

Why is catching a wild Absol so hard?

Why is catching a wild Absol so hard?
Catching a wild Absol. Image source: Pinterest

Absol is one of the rarest Pokemon, and this factor contributes greatly to its catch rate factor. With a general encounter rate of 8 percent, it will be hard for you even to encounter it in places where it is supposed to be.

Additionally, its catch base rate of 24.03 percent means it is very hard for players to catch it even if they successfully encounter it.

However, you can still increase your odds of catching it by using berries like Razz Berries or Golden Razz Berries when battling it with an ultra Poke Ball.

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