Why are old Pokémon games so expensive? (Are old Pokémon games worth anything?)

Old Pokémon games are pricey because Nintendo doesn’t produce them anymore. People who kept theirs in good condition price them highly due to the high demand.

I’ve been thinking about rebuilding my childhood game collection, but the prices are crazy😩.

Like many other fans, I was shocked that the least I could pay for a game like Pokémon Crystal is $80 to $100.

So, I decided to investigate why vintage Pokémon games are so expensive.

Keep reading to learn what I found out about this topic.

Are old Pokémon games worth anything?

Are old Pokémon games worth anything?
Pokémon games. Image source: Pinterest

Yes, old Pokémon games are expensive and here’s why. The developers stopped producing most of these games years ago. They’ve updated the classic games with new features and introduced new games for this generation.

However, most adults in their mid-30s and 40s love the old Pokémon games they grew up playing. Since the supply doesn’t match the demand, Original old-school Pokémon games are priced high.

Due to the sentimental value of these vintage games, most people are willing to pay good money 💰 for them.

Some vintage Pokémon games are extremely rare. A great example is Pokémon Red, which is extremely hard to get especially in the U.S.

In 2020 the Game Boy cartridge was auctioned for a whopping $84,000. That makes this factory-sealed vintage game the most expensive in the franchise. Fans also view old Pokémon games as collectables.

Some people are committed to collecting characters from different generations, which requires obtaining old Pokémon games.

Here are some rare Pokémon games and their prices



Pokémon Red


Pokémon Emerald (Game Boy Advance)


Pokémon HeartGold


Pokémon Puzzle Challenge (Game Boy coloured)


Why do Pokémon games go up in value?

It’s quite simple 🤷. The Pokémon Company uses the classic rule of supply and demand to their advantage. People loved video games when they first came out, and more so now that technology is part of society.

Although the Pokémon game franchise keeps evolving, many die-hard fans still prefer older versions of the games.

Today fans even use emulators to experience a piece of their childhood without having to part with hundreds of dollars.

Nintendo has also built its brand around pricy games. The company rarely reduces prices or even offers discounts.

Many Pokémon players continue to express their frustrations that Nintendo doesn’t even have sales like other game distributors.

In their defence, Nintendo produces cool 👌games. This process takes a lot of time, money and resources, which could be one of the reasons the prices keep going up.

Why do Pokémon games go up in value?

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How do I know if my old Pokémon cards are worth money?

How do I know if my old Pokémon cards are worth money?

There are several ways you can tell how much your old Pokémon cards are worth. If your card is rare, it will be worth good money. You can tell the rarity of a card by checking the symbols on it.

If your card has a star on it, it is rare and costly.

If it has a diamond symbol, the card is uncommon and worth good money. Cards with a circle are common and far cheaper than uncommon cards and rarer. Old Pokémon cards tend to fall into the latter category.

The cards printed just after the game’s first release are considered very valuable. Watch out for cards with the words “Wizards of the Coast” at the bottom.

If the card has these words and the first edition stamp (black circle with the letter I in the middle), you’ve got a high-value collectable.

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