Can Pokémon learn new moves in daycare? (does Pokémon daycare replace moves?)

Leaving Pokémon at the daycare... can they forget moves they already know?

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Growing up, I spent most of my time playing Pokémon games after school with my friends, and since discovering daycare as a way to level up your Pokémon, I have seen immense change in the number of moves and levels my Pokémon has attained.

Daycare is also among the simplest methods of leveling up your Pokémon as it only requires one to make steps or movements and earn 1 point per step for your Pokémon.

After doing research and years of being a Pokémon enthusiast, here is what I’ve learned about Pokémon and daycare.

Does Pokémon daycare replace moves?

Can Pokémon daycare replace or overwrite moves?
Pokémon daycare. Image source: Pinterest

Yes, replacement occurs by deleting the first move learned. If your Pokémon levels up and acquires new moves, the first known move is forgotten, the rest of the moves are pushed a step up, and the new move learned goes to the bottom of the list‼.

However, this only occurs if your Pokémon knows all four moves. If the number of known moves is less than 4, a new move will be added to the move set instead of replacing an existing one.😉.

The movement replacement can be reversed and restored by using the relearner.

How do you stop Pokémon from learning moves in daycare?

Daycare messing with my Pokémon's moves? What's the deal?
Learning moves in daycare. Image source: Pinterest

You can prevent this by changing the way new moves are learned. Instead of unlearning the initial moves and teaching new ones, you can use a training technique that prevents moves from being forgotten or learned.

You have the option to specify some moves that you already know and don’t wish to forget.

Which moves get deleted in daycare?

While in daycare, the move that gets deleted is the first move that the Pokémon learned. However, this only happens when a Pokémon has already learned four moves in a set and then learns a new move.



Level 20

Level 24





Tail whip

Defense curl

Water gun


Defense curl

Water gun


Bubble beam

In the example above, the new move, Bubble Beam, replaced Tail Whip, which was the first move learned.

What moves do Pokémon learn in daycare?

If I level up my Pokémon in the daycare, will it lose any of the moves it currently has?
Moves do Pokémon learn in daycare. Image source: Pinterest

The Pokémon learns any level-up move when it reaches the required level. This means that with each level, the Pokémon can learn a new move, thus increasing the number of moves and also its stats.😊.

The moves that a Pokémon learns in daycare are determined by its level and whether it is ready to learn any moves at that level.✌.

Is it worth putting Pokémon in daycare?

Yes, it is. By putting your Pokémon in daycare, it can learn new moves, thus leveling up and also increasing its stats.

However, unlike other methods of leveling up, in daycare, your Pokémon can neither evolve nor gain any EVs (effort value), unlike when using other methods such as engaging in battles.

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