What Is the Pokémon with One Eye? (What Pokémon Has Only One Eye?)

The creators of Pokémon know how to keep their players excited and hooked to the game. If it is not the constant updates 🔄we keep getting, it is their unique compilation of Pokémon. 

Recently, as I was playing Pokémon GO, I came across a unique Pokémon – a mono-eyed Pokémon whose appearances can be mesmerizing. 

There are many such Pokémon – the one-eyed Pokémon 👁️ including Unown, Kartana, Beldum, and Magnemite, just to mention a few.

I bet you have some come across at least one at some point.

📜 It made me feel I should compile a comprehensive list of all one-eyed Pokémon for my readers to raise more awareness of these creatures. Read along to find out more about this. 🌟

What Pokémon Has Only One Eye?

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All Pokémon with one eye in Pokémon GO?

There are several Pokémon in Pokémon GO that have only one eye 👁️. You probably already know of some. Either way, here is a list of all of them;



#0081 Magnemite

Electric / Steel

#0201 Unown


#0355 Duskull, Dusclops, Dusknoir


#0374 Beldum

Steel/ Psychic

#0561 Sigilyph

Psychic/ Flying

#0709 Trevenant

Ghost/ Grass

#0679 Honedge

Steel/ Ghost

#0681 Aegislash

Steel/ Ghost

#0798 Kartana

Grass/ Steel

#0808 Meltan, Melmetal, Gigantamax Melmetal


#0837 Rolycoly


#0867 Runerigus

Ground/ Ghost

#0897 Spectrier


Does Darkrai only have one eye?

Does Darkrai only have one eye?
Darkrai. Image source: Pinterest

👀 Darkrai has two eyes, although it might not look like it.

Darkrai is a dark-type Pokémon. The Pokémon has a black-shadowy appearance. It has bright blue eyes and a red 🔴 spiky growth covering its neck.

On its head, it has a white foggy plume that resembles its hair, and that covers one of its eyes.

The one eye that is usually invisible makes people assume that Darkrai is mono-eyed, which is not true. 😎

Does Duskull only have one eye?

Does Duskull only have one eye?
Duskull. Image source: Pinterest

Yes, the Duskull Pokémon only has one eye that conspicuously floats between its two eye sockets. 

Duskull has an eerie black appearance. It looks like it’s wearing a black robe identical to that of the Grim Reaper.

On its back, you can see two patterns shaped like bones. On its face, it has a mask that looks like a skull💀. As a Ghost-type Pokémon 👻, it is not a surprise it is mostly active at night🌙. 

What is the most powerful Pokémon with one eye?

Kartana Kawaii Blade Do not underestimate its true powe Oww. And you're saying this is dangerous?

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In my opinion, I always feel it is impossible to conclusively say that one Pokémon is the most powerful for every possible scenario.

The choice of the most powerful Pokémon will often vary based on several factors.

However, if all factors are kept constant, I might be able to pick out the most powerful one-eyed Pokémon. 

From the list of one-eyed Pokémon I compiled above, I believe the Kartana is the most powerful. It is a grass and steel type Pokémon.

The Kartana is only weak against fire 🔥and fighting types 💪. Its fastest moves are the air slash and razor leaf.

Its charged moves are the night slash, leaf blade, aerial ace, and X-scissor. 🗡️

Summary of Kartana Stats:







Special Attack

Special Defense





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