What are the fastest charge moves in Pokémon Go? (Which Pokémon has the fastest charged move?)

After several hits and misses over the past years, I’ve come to learn that selecting the right moves for my Pokémon is a crucial step towards victory.

Given how Pokémon Go is constantly changing with new characters and new fast and charge moves, it’s even more important to stay updated on the best charge moves that balance damage output and energy spent ratio.

Thanks to the many years of experience and knowledge in my belt, I’ll share with you the best charge moves in Pokémon Go, which Pokémon charge up the fastest, and how you can increase the speed of your Pokémon’s attack.

3 best Charge Attacks in Pokémon Go

Flying Press

speediest charge moves in Pokémon Go
Flying Press. Image source: Pinterest

💥This is a high-power charge attack with an impressive damage-per-energy ratio of 2.20. It has a fighting and flying type combination, earning itself high regard among many Pokémon Go players.

It also boasts a short cool down time of 2.3 seconds.

Unfortunately, it is only known by Pikachu Libre, which is not the easiest Pokémon to catch and can only be won after Great League matches.

Sky Attack

which charge moves are the fastest in Pokémon Go
Sky Attack. Image source: Pinterest

🔥This is one of the best Flying-Type charged moves, and it can be best learned by Lugia, Skarmory, Altaria, and Honchkrow.

It has a cool down time of 2 seconds and fast recharging capabilities, giving it a high damage-per-energy efficiency compared to other Flying-Type moves.

Hydro Cannon

fastest charge moves in Pokémon Go
Hydro Cannon. Image source: Pinterest

💣Hydro Cannon is a powerful Charged Attack with a power rating of 90 in PvP and a speedy cool down time of 1.8 seconds.

It’s best suited for Water-Type Pokémon or Pokémon with Water moves that want to go against Rock, Ground, and Fire-type Pokémon.

Note, however, that this move can only be learned by four Pokémon: Blastoise, Empoleon, Feraligatr, and Swampert.

Why do some Attacks charge faster in Pokemon Go?

🔋Some Attacks charge faster than others in Pokémon Go because they require varying amounts of energy for them to become fully powered up.

Once you generate a certain amount of energy with a Fast Attack, using a Charged Attack will deduct some of that energy from your pool depending on how much it needs, and you’ll have to generate more energy again with a Fast Attack.

And so the cycle continues.


How do you know which Pokémon charge faster?

You can know which Pokémon charge up faster by looking at the bars to the right of the attack on the summary screen.

If the Pokémon’s Charged Attack has one long bar next to its name, then this indicates that the attack charges at a slower rate but deals more damage.

If the Pokémon’s Charged Attack has two shorter bars, then this indicates that the attack charges faster and deals less damage.

Which Pokémon charge up the fastest?

Learn about speedy and impactful moves that help your Pokémon
Pokémon that charge up the fastest. Image source: Pinterest

There are many Pokémon with two short bars next to their Charged Attacks, which means they charge up the fastest. They include:


Charged Moves



Blast Burn



Wild Charge






Dynamic Punch



Sky Attack


How do you make your Pokémon attack faster in Pokémon GO?


⚡You can teach your Pokémon a faster attack by using a Technical Machine (TM) for the Attack you want to change.

For example, if you want to change your Pokémon’s Charged Attack to a faster one, then you can use a Charged Technical Machine to teach your Pokémon a new, possibly faster attack.

You can get TMs by winning raid battles, completing certain research tasks, and fighting other players in the Go Battle League.

Note that only Elite Technical Machines will allow you to select the new Attack you want to teach your Pokémon.

Regular TMs offer you a random new Attack. You can be awarded Elite TMs if you attain a high rank at the end of Go Battle League, or you can purchase them during special events.

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