Can you transfer Pokémon with items to Pokémon Home? (Can I send a Pokémon with a held item through Home?)

As a Pokémon trainer, I’ve often wondered about the intricacies of transferring Pokémon with held items to Pokémon Home. This transfer often affects how we manage our Pokémon and their items.

As a Litten trainer, I’ve navigated this process and am eager to share my experiences with you. In this article, we’ll explore the possibilities and limitations of transferring Pokémon with items to Pokémon Home.

Let’s unravel the complexities of Pokémon transfers together!

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Can Pokémon hold items in Pokémon Bank?

 send a Pokémon with a held item through Home
Pokémon Bank. Image source: Pinterest

Pokémon Bank is a convenient online platform for players to deposit, store, and organize their Pokémon. It proves particularly useful for online trades, battles, or aiming to centralize Pokémon from different games.

However, one notable constraint is that Pokémon within the Bank cannot hold items🥺. Any item a Pokémon carries during the deposit process gets automatically removed and returned to the player’s in-game bag.

If the bag is complete, the item faces the risk of disappearing.

This aspect becomes crucial, especially when transferring Pokémon with valuable or rare items. Players must verify that their Pokémon are item-free before the transfer or ensure adequate space in their bag for the items’ return.

The restriction is likely in place for balance purposes, preventing item duplication through potential exploits in the Bank’s transfer system.

It also encourages players to plan and strategize when managing Pokémon and items.

Can you trade Pokémon with items?

Can I send a Pokémon with a held item through Home?
Trade Pokémon with items. Image source: Pinterest

Absolutely! Beginning with Generation II, Pokémon have the capability to hold items, enabling the transfer of holdable items through trades😚.

Consequently, when a Pokémon is traded, the item it carries is also included in the trade. Nonetheless, this rule has specific exceptions; for instance, the Griseous Orb cannot be traded in Generation IV.

Here is a table summarizing how the trade works.🥰


Can Trade Items?



Not tradable

Not applicable



Not applicable



Not applicable



Griseous Orb

Can you trade Pokémon items through Pokémon Home?

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Pokémon Home, launched in February 2020, serves as a cloud-based service facilitating the storage and transfer of Pokémon across various games.

Available on Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android devices, it provides flexibility for Pokémon trainers.

However, an inherent limitation of Pokémon Home lies in the inability of Pokémon to carry items during transfers.

Consequently, if a Pokémon holds an item when moved to Pokémon Home, the item remains in the original game.

Attempting to transfer a Pokémon with an item prompts a message indicating that the item will be sent to the player’s bag.

This restriction is likely implemented to prevent potential exploits, such as item duplication or the transfer of exclusive items to unsuitable games.

Additionally, not all Pokémon are universally compatible with all games, and enabling item transfers could create situations where items appear where they shouldn’t.

While Pokémon Home streamlines Pokémon management across games, its inability to transfer handle items may pose a limitation for players seeking comprehensive organization.

Being mindful of this factor is crucial when strategizing Pokémon transfers. 🎮🔄📱

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