What is the highest hp a Pokémon can have? (What is the Pokémon with the most HP?)

As a seasoned Pokémon trainer, I’ve always been fascinated by the diversity of Pokémon abilities. One aspect that often sparks curiosity is the maximum HP a Pokémon can have.

This topic is intriguing as it directly impacts the strategies we employ in battles. As someone who has spent countless hours training my Litten, I’m excited to share these insights.

In this article, we’ll explore the Pokémon with the highest HP, delve into the factors contributing to HP, and discuss how this knowledge can enhance your gameplay.

Let’s embark on this exciting journey together!

What is the Pokémon with the most HP?

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Pokémon battles are not just about attacking; they also involve strategic planning and endurance. One crucial statistic for many strategies is HP, which dictates how much damage your Pokémon can take. So, The Pokémon with the highest HP is Blissey🦾.

Blissey, a Generation II Normal-type Pokémon, evolves from Chansey through high friendship and stands as the ultimate evolution of Happiny.

Its most distinctive feature is its remarkably high base HP of 255, the highest among all Pokémon🔥. This attribute makes Blissey a formidable contender in battles, as its elevated HP allows it to endure potent attacks and outlast many adversaries.

In addition to its exceptional HP, Blissey possesses other noteworthy traits. It comes with abilities such as Natural Cure, Serene Grace, and a hidden ability known as Healer🤯.

These abilities, coupled with its impressive HP, render Blissey a valuable asset in battles, especially in roles that demand resilience.

Beyond its battle prowess, Blissey is recognized for its compassionate nature. The Pokémon can sense sadness through its fluffy fur and, upon detection, will swiftly approach the distressed person, regardless of distance, to share an egg of happiness, bringing a smile to any face.

Blissey’s high HP, combined with its unique abilities and compassionate nature, make it a unique and powerful Pokémon in the Pokémon universe.

Is it possible for a Pokémon to have 500 HP?

the Pokémon with the most HP
Pokémon 500 HP. Image source: Pinterest

A Pokémon’s base HP is a fixed and species-specific value; for instance, Blissey boasts the highest base HP of any Pokémon, standing at 255.

Effort Values (EVs) are points a Pokémon accumulates through gaining experience from battles or specific items. A Pokémon can amass a maximum of 252 EVs in any single stat, augmenting its stats based on its level.

To reach 500 HP, a Pokémon would need a base HP stat of 148 along with 252 HP EVs. However, no Pokémon has a precise base HP of 148.

The ones closest to this value are Wobbuffet, Chansey, and Blissey, with base HP stats of 190, 250, and 255, respectively.

These Pokémon can surpass 500 HP without any HP investment.

It’s crucial to acknowledge that while high HP can be advantageous, it’s not the sole determinant in a Pokémon battle.

Other factors significantly influence battle outcomes, including type, Defense, Special Attack, Speed, Attack, Special Defense, abilities, and move set.

In summary, achieving 500 HP in a Pokémon requires a blend of a high base HP stat and HP EVs. Only a select few Pokémon can accomplish this, making them stand out in the Pokémon universe. 🌟

Ten Pokémon with the highest HP

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Here are the top 10 Pokémon with the highest HP❤️‍🔥:



Base HP


Blissey Pokémon

Base 255 HP


Chansey Pokémon

Base 250 HP


Wobbuffet Pokémon

Base 190 HP


Wailord Pokémon

Base 170 HP


Alomomola Pokémon

Base 165 HP


Snorlax Pokémon

Base 160 HP


Slaking Pokémon

Base 150 HP


Drifblim Pokémon

Base 150 HP


Giratina (Both Forms) Pokémon

Base 150 HP


Hariyama Pokémon

Base 144 HP

These Pokémon are recognized for their elevated HP, rendering them resilient battle adversaries. Their capacity to endure numerous attacks positions them as valuable contributors to any Pokémon team.

Note: The HP of a Pokémon can fluctuate based on factors like level, individual values (IVs), and effort values (EVs). The mentioned base HP is reflective of a Pokémon at level 50 with no IVs or EVs.

In conclusion, while possessing a Pokémon with formidable HP offers a notable advantage in battles, it remains imperative to consider additional factors such as the Pokémon’s other stats, abilities, and move sets.

A comprehensive and well-balanced team often proves to be the decisive factor in achieving victory! 🏆🎉

What are some good moves for Blissey?

What is the Pokémon with the most HP?
Good moves for Blissey. Image source: Pinterest

Blissey, with its impressive HP, proves to be a formidable force in Pokémon battles. Here are some recommended moves for Blissey:

  • Toxic: Essential for stalling strategies, this move inflicts damage on the opponent every turn, with the damage intensifying over time.
  • Soft-Boiled: A crucial healing move that replenishes Blissey’s HP, enhancing its durability against opponents.
  • Protect Ideal for stalling tactics, this move grants an additional turn and pairs well with Leftovers for sustained healing.
  • Flamethrower: A practical choice to handle Steel-type Pokémon, countering their immunity to Toxic.
  • Ice Beam: Offering excellent coverage, this move proves advantageous against Dragon, Grass, and Ground.

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