What do Pokemon natures mean? (What natures are best for Pokémon?)

🙈When I started playing Pokémon casually, I never paid attention to natures. I used to think that natures only had an emotional aspect.

However, my perspective changed when I started playing Pokémon with friends in multiplayer battles since I got to learn how much impact they can have on them.

Since I started using natures as part of my strategy, I have been performing exceptionally well in such battles.

So, if you are new to Pokémon natures and want to learn the

best ones for Pokémon, this is for you.

Read on!

What natures are best for Pokémon?

What Natures Are Ideal for Pokémon?
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Natures are part of what makes a Pokémon unique. They are randomly applied to every Pokémon when you capture or receive them.

🤔As you consider a Pokémon’s nature, you should think about what you want that precise Pokémon to be strong at.

The best natures for Pokémon depend on use. Think about whether you want the Pokémon to be defensive, strong, or fast.

With that said, some of the high-ranking natures for Pokémon are those that raise an attacking stat.

Additionally, the best natures also improve speed.

Here are some examples.




This is ideal for glass cannon builds. It lowers defense and increases attack.


Mixed teams with physical abilities can benefit from this. Naughty decreases special defense and increases attack.


This can dish out a lot of damage in glass cannons. Mild natures decrease defense and increase special attack.


Increases special attack and decreases special defense.


Has a lower defense and higher speed. Great for Pokémon with high defense stats, which need enhanced speed.


Great for Pokémon with high special defense. The nature decreases special defense and increases speed.

Do Pokémon natures make a difference?

Which Natures Are Most Suitable for Pokémon?
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Yes. Your Pokémon nature is far more than simply its personality. Its traits affect the growth of the Pokémon. Pokémon natures make a difference because they have a significant influence on their stats.

They reduce one by 10% and increase the other by 10%. You can utilize this decrease and increase to make your Pokémon’s strongest stat better as you ensure that a stat it does not use decreases.

Every nature also affects your Pokémon’s disliked and liked flavors and Pokeblocks. Each flavor is linked to a specific stat.

For instance:

  • Speed: sweet
  • Defence: bitter
  • Defence: sour
  • Attack: dry
  • Attack: spicy

Does Pokémon nature matter in the game?

What Are the Best Natures for Pokémon?
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It depends on the gameplay. 🙅‍♀️Pokémon nature does not matter in casual gameplay because most Pokémon games are easy.

However, in competitive battles, Pokémon natures matter when you want to gain an edge over your opponents.

We mentioned that a Pokémon’s nature can boost one stat by 10%. Pokémon nature matters in competitive battles since that 10% increase can make a significant difference.

Therefore, when you are doing online battles against others, it is important to have optimal natures.

What nature increases attack?

Attack has an impact on how much damage your Pokémon can deal. The higher your attack stat, the harder the Pokémon hits. One of the natures that increases attack is Adamant.

This nature also reduces special attacks. There is also Brave, which increases attack and reduces speed. Brave is not great for a Pokémon that needs to hit first, like those that apply enemy debuffs.

We also mentioned other natures that increase attacks, like Naughty and Lonely.

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How important are natures in Pokémon?

As earlier stated, natures in Pokémon are pretty crucial in competitive battles since they can boost or lower two stats by 10%.

Getting a Pokémon with the correct nature can significantly impact effectiveness during battle. Choosing the right Pokémon nature is therefore crucial.

Natures in Pokémon are also important because they determine evolution in particular Pokémon such as Totrixicity.

You should pay attention to natures so that you do not lose your advantage by raising the wrong stats.

Can a Pokemon’s nature be changed?

Which Natures Are Optimal for Pokémon?
Pokemon’s nature. Image source: Pinterest

You cannot change the nature of your Pokémon once you catch it. ☺️With that said, it is possible to buy Mints in-game and raise the stats of your Pokémon.

Some of the mints that you can buy within the game include Bold Mint, Adamant Mint, Calm Mint, Hasty Mint, Careful Mint, and Lonely Mint.

Suppose you want to change Pokémon natures in Scarlet and Violet; you can purchase mints from Chansey Supply.

What natures are best for Pokémon?

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Once you use the mints on your Pokémon, the Pokémon stats will change, although their nature will remain the same on their summary.

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