What Pokemon does Giovanni have? (what legendary Pokemon does Giovanni have?)

I still remember the day I faced off against Giovanni, the notorious leader of Team Rocket. His lineup was formidable, filled with powerful Pokémon that reflected his cunning and strength.

Among them, his legendary Pokémon stood out, their power almost tangible. Despite my well-trained team, I found myself on the back foot, strategizing on the fly, trying to counter his every move.

This article will take you through that thrilling encounter, focusing on Giovanni’s legendary Pok√©mon. Join me as we delve into this epic battle, unraveling the secrets of Giovanni’s lineup and enhancing our understanding of Pok√©mon battles.

When does Giovanni change Pokemon?

Can you tell me which legendary Pokémon Giovanni possesses in Pokémon Go right now?
Giovanni. Image source: Pinterest

Giovanni, the leader of Team Go Rocket in Pok√©mon Go, adjusts his lineup periodically, often aligning with new events or game updatesūüĒĄ.

In October 2023, Giovanni’s Pok√©mon lineup, including his ultimate Pok√©mon, underwent a modification. It’s crucial to recognize that these alterations can considerably impact the required difficulty level and strategy to overcome him.

Keeping abreast of the latest adjustments in Giovanni’s lineup is essential for players. Consistently monitoring Pok√©mon Go news and updates is instrumental in staying well-informed about these changes.

What legendary Pokemon does Giovanni have

Giovanni is renowned for deploying formidable Shadow Pokémon in battles. His team typically features a Legendary Shadow Pokémon, often serving as the final opponent.

As of January 2024, Giovanni’s roster comprises several Shadow Pok√©mon, including Persian, Nidoking, Garchomp, and Kingler.

Of particular note is the elusive Shadow Regigigas, a Legendary Pok√©mon. Since Giovanni’s lineup can undergo periodic changes, players must stay informed.

It’s worth noting that capturing these Shadow Pok√©mon post-Giovanni battle can significantly enhance your team! ūüźČ

How to find and beat Giovanni in Pokémon Go

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Finding Giovanni

what legendary Pokemon does Giovanni have?
Finding Giovanni. Image source: Pinterest

To locate Giovanni, the first step is to finish the Showdown in the Shadows, a Team GO Rocket Special Research.

This research consists of multiple stages, each containing various tasks to accomplish. Completing each stage rewards you and advances you to the next one.

You’ll obtain the Super Rocket Radar after finishing all the research stages. This device enables you to pinpoint Giovanni’s location on your mapūüéĮ.

However, it’s crucial to note that several Decoy Grunts disguise themselves as Giovanni and will also appear on your radar.

These decoys intentionally divert you from Giovanni’s location, necessitating checking multiple spots before finding the real Giovanni.

Beating Giovanni

which legendary Pokémon Giovanni possesses in Pokémon Go
Beating Giovanni. Image source: Pinterest

Achieving victory against Giovanni demands meticulous planning and assembling a formidable team of Pok√©mon capable of exploiting his team’s vulnerabilitiesūüĎŹ. Here’s a more intricate strategy:

  1. First Pokémon РPersian: Giovanni consistently begins the battle with his signature Pokémon, Persian. Since Persian is a normal type, it is susceptible to Fighting-type moves.
  2. Employing a robust Fighting-type Pokémon like Machamp or Lucario can prove highly effective in this phase.
  3. Second Pok√©mon – Random: Giovanni’s second Pok√©mon is randomly selected from a pool of three, namely Nidoking, Garchomp, or Kingler. Your strategy must adapt based on which Pok√©mon Giovanni sends into the battle.
  4. Third Pok√©mon – Legendary Shadow Pok√©mon: In the final stage, you confront Giovanni’s Legendary Shadow Pok√©mon, which could be any Legendary Pok√©mon he is known to deploy, such as Regigigas. Once again, your choice of Pok√©mon should hinge on the weaknesses of the Legendary Pok√©mon.

Remember, comprehending the strengths and weaknesses of Giovanni’s Pok√©mon is the key to securing victoryūü•≥.

What Pokemon can you use to counter Giovanni?

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To counter Giovanni effectively, assemble a team featuring Machamp (or a robust Fighting-type like Lucario), Swampert, and Kyogre.

These Pok√©mon are strategically chosen for their efficacy against Giovanni’s lineup. Machamp and Lucario shine in countering Persian and Regigigas.

On the other hand, Swampert and Kyogre prove formidable against Nidoking and Garchomp, with the added benefit of Kyogre’s effectiveness against Persian.

Here is a table of recommended Pokémon to Counter Giovanni’s Lineup.

Giovanni’s Pokémon

Recommended Counter


Persian (Shadow

Machamp or Lucario


Nidoking (Shadow)



Garchomp (Shadow)



Kingler (Shadow)

Machamp or Lucario


Regigigas (Shadow)

Machamp or Lucario


Which of Giovanni’s Pokemon do you get?

What is the legendary Pokémon that Giovanni is using in Pokémon Go at the moment?
Giovanni’s Pokemon. Image source: Pinterest

After a successful battle with Giovanni, you’ll receive various rewardsūüéČ. One of the most exciting perks is the chance to capture his Legendary Shadow Pok√©mon.

This Pokémon can be a potent addition to your team, especially after purification.

The specific Shadow Pok√©mon available for capture is the last one you defeated in the Giovanni battle. For example, if you conquer his Shadow Regigigas, you’ll get an opportunity to catch your own Shadow Regigigas.

Keep in mind that capturing this Pok√©mon isn’t guaranteed, so make sure to use your best Pok√© Balls and Berries to improve your chances.

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