Can you change a Pokémon’s tera type? (How to change a Pokémon’s tera type)

😊When the terastal phenomenon feature was introduced in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, I was quite excited and eager to play the game.

It took me a short time to learn how terastallization works and I did not experience difficulties trying to change the types of my Pokémon.

My experience with this system inspired me to create this post to help you figure out whether you can change a Pokémon tera type and how to do it.

So stick around for this and much more!

How to change a Pokémon’s tera type?

You can change a Pokémon’s tera type by visiting an NPC. You have to meet certain requirements before you get there. For instance, you must defeat Larry, a Normal type gym leader at Treasure Eatery in Medali.

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Once you defeat him, you can talk to the chef behind the counter so that you can change your Pokémon’s Tera Type. You also require 50 Tera Shards of the type you wish to change to. 👌Engaging in higher-difficulty raids can help you earn more Tera Shards.

Can Pokémon get different tera types?

 Pokémon’s tera type
Can Pokémon get different tera types? Image source: Pinterest

Every Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet has a tera type. Though a tera type mimics the Pokémon’s original type, the types do not have to match.

For instance, you can have a water-type Pokémon like Quaxley with a fire tera type.

This means that Pokémon can get different tera types during Tera Raid Battles. 🧐However, note that since the Tera Type and Pokémon are random, you can only get what you battle.

Fortunately, we mentioned that it is possible to change a Pokémon tera type.

How do you break a Pokémon’s Tera Type?

change a Pokémon’s tera type
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Once you get to a particular threshold, Tera Pokémon encountered in 3- to 7-star Tera Raid Battles activate a tera shield, which can negate the effects of status moves.

Though enough regular attack damage can break this shield, terastallization can make your Pokémon moves more effective.

You need to land three attacks and activate your Tera Orb. The tera orb is the key item that lets your Pokémon terastalize.

To damage a Tera Shield, pick moves that align with your Pokémon’s Tera Type. Some of the strongest attackers that you should consider bringing into a Tera Raid battle include Miraidon, Iron Hands, Koraidon, Garchomp, and Azumaril.

Can Tera Type change after evolution?

🙅No. The tera type cannot change after evolution. Upon evolution, every Pokémon keeps its original tera type even if its typing changes.

For instance, if you manage to evolve Eevee to Flareon, it will not turn into a Fire Tera Type. Instead, it will remain a normal type Pokémon upon evolution.

Before changing a Pokémon Tera Type, consider leveling it up and then evolving it into a Pokémon that you intend to use.

What is the best Pokémon to change Tera Type?

How to change a Pokémon’s tera type

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Dragonite is the best Pokémon to change Tera Type. Though this Pokémon was among the strongest Pokémon in Generation 1, it became outmatched as the generations passed.

The normal terra crown, however, gave this non- legendary Pokémon new life. With this crown, Dragonite is capable of delivering deviating blows.

It is the strongest Pokémon with access to Extreme speed. It can take out opposing Pokémon in an opposing tailwind or in a trick room.

Apart from Dragonite, here are other good Pokémon to change Tera Type.




This is a powerful, special attacker. Terastallization takes away its weakness to ground as well as its frail defense stats.


This shines as a special attacker when you change tera type. When terastallized, it loses its dark type weakness and gains a boost when utilizing hyper voice.


When this Pokémon is amplified by a normal tera crown, it can knock out any other Pokémon.

Is tera type worth changing?

How to change a Pokémon’s tera type
Tera type. Image source: Pinterest

Terastallization is the crystal-like addition to the appearance of a Pokémon with the power to change its type to its tera type.

A tera type is worth changing since terastallized Pokémon can turn the tides of a tera raid battle. Terastallizing not only changes a Pokémon’s type but also increases the damage dealt by the moves matching that type.

In most cases, it is a defensive strategy.

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