What Pokémon Can Learn Waterfall? (Is Waterfall A Good Pokémon Move?)

I’ve played Pokémon for many years, and one thing that intrigues 😺 me most is their ability to learn a wide variety of moves. Waterfall is one of the potent moves that has consistently attracted my attention.

It is particularly noteworthy to me because it is a maneuver with a distinct appeal and is very important in combat.

I am further encouraged to know that a variety of Pokémon can learn Waterfall and quickly adapt. It offers me a strong base power that can exceedingly improve my experience in any combat situation.

Read on to discover what Pokémon cab learn Waterfall.

What type of Pokémon can learn Waterfall?

Is Waterfall A Good Move for Pokémon? 
Type of Pokémon can learn Waterfall. Image source: Pinterest

The type of Pokémon that can learn Waterfall 🚰 are those that possess physical and aquatic aptitude. Examples of Pokémon that possess such a combination include Feraligatr, Milotic, and Gyarados.

These special Waterfall abilities give them an advantage during combat.

Their effectiveness in battle demonstrates how well the move complements their natural abilities. It makes them a dangerous duo that tests opponents in any watery setting.

Given Waterfall’s dominance in the water, it should come as unsurprising that Water-type Pokémon are mostly linked to this move.

It is noteworthy, however, that some non-water Pokémon can learn Waterfall.

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What non-water Pokémon can learn Waterfall?

Waterfall-Is Waterfall A Good Pokémon Move?
What non-water Pokémon can learn Waterfall? Image source: Pinterest

Although Waterfall is normally only connected with Pokémon of the Water type, several interesting exceptions let other non-Water kinds learn this powerful 💪 move.

Examples include Sharpedo, Garchomp, Greninja, and Barraskewda. These Pokémon naturally learn Waterfall at different levels of the games.

These Pokémon that aren’t Water types demonstrate the variety of ways in which players can use Waterfall to bolster their teams with a surprising and exciting water move.

Furthermore, these Pokémon demonstrate how versatile Waterfall is in terms of improving tactical possibilities during encounters.

They can be trained through evolution, natural leveling, or the employment of TMs. This table shows Pokémon with capabilities to learn Waterfall.


Move Type






Dragon, Ground, Waterfall


Dragon, Flying, Waterfall


Waterfall, Dark



Is Waterfall a good Pokémon move?

The Waterfall move is indeed extremely powerful and adaptable. It offers a good mix of damage and disruption, with a basic power of 80 and a 20% chance of making the victim panic.

It is a very good Pokémon move since it combines strength and efficiency, which are a useful tool in a player’s arsenal 🔫.

Because of its physical attributes, Pokémon with greater Defense ratings can better utilize its strength, which makes it a great option for physically inclined water experts.


Is Waterfall better than Surf for Pokémon?

Pokémon that Can Learn Waterfall
Surf move. Image source: Pinterest

The comparison between Surf and Waterfall creates an intriguing discussion. Both techniques are water types with comparable basic capabilities, but Waterfall has the further benefit of making the subject shiver 👌.

This extra effect can be quite useful in combat, upsetting the rival’s plan and possibly giving the player a big edge.

Nonetheless, Surf is a better option in some circumstances due to its capacity to hit every opponent Pokémon in a Double or Triple Battle, highlighting the significance of strategic decisions.

When do Pokémon start learning Waterfall?

Two main things determine when Pokémon starts to learn Waterfall. They include the Pokémon game in question and the species the Pokémon belongs to.

Generally speaking, Waterfall’s level of availability corresponds to its importance and potency. Here are examples. Garchomp learns through leveling, but players need to leverage Waterfall TM to train it.

Greninja starts learning at level 49, Barraskewda begins at level 50, and Feraligatr starts at level 48.

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