What Pokémon can you use upgrade on? (Which Pokémon evolve using the Upgrade item in Pokémon?)

The best part about playing Pokémon is evolving from one level to another to make the game more interesting.

Lately, I am interested in evolving the Pokémon using the upgrade items accumulated overtime as I battle in different levels.

As a Pokémon enthusiast, I want to understand how to get the Pokémon to evolve using the upgrade items Which Pokémon evolve using the Upgrade item? .

Therefore, I will help you identify the different upgrade items and the subsequent Pokémon that can be evolved.

Let’s get started;

using the Upgrade item in Pokémon


How to get a Pokémon upgrade to evolve

The Pokémon you can  use upgrade on
Pokémon upgrade. Image source: Pinterest

Most of the Pokémon can be evolved by collecting a lot of candy during the game. The number of candy required to upgrade a Pokémon is based on the species of the Pokémon used during the game.

If you notice that you have minimal candy, the best step is to play different battles in the game to help earn more candy Which Pokémon evolve using the Upgrade item in Pokémon? . You can get a Pokémon upgrade to evolve by clicking on the Pokémon’s page.

The page has a feature labeled evolve and once you click on the toggle switch you can identify all the information about the Pokémon that is required to upgrade.

For instance, the number of candies and a snippet of the upgrade that you will receive after the evolution process.

You should proceed to complete the evolution process using the upgrade items provided. The Pokémon will be upgraded from the first generation to the second generation depending on the game level.

How to use upgrade items to evolve a Pokémon

Pokémon that you can use upgrade on? 
Upgrade items to evolve a Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest

Each upgrade item provided has a specific Pokémon which should be evolved in the process. The upgrade item is to initiate an evolution from Generation One Pokémon to Generation Two which has a better ability to sustain attack levels The Pokémon that evolve using the Upgrade item in Pokémon.

The best way to acquire the upgrade item for evolution is through continuously playing the game on different levels.

The upgrade items are used to evolve a Pokémon by improving its features and turning it into a better version in the generation two games.

What Pokémon evolves using upgrade items?

Pokémon you can evolve using the Upgrade item in Pokémon
What Pokémon evolves using upgrade items? Image source: Pinterest

There are different Pokémon that can use the upgrade items to evolve into a better version. Dragon scale is the first upgrade item and the Pokémon that can be evolved is the Seadra.

The Seadra is a generation one Pokémon and the dragon scale item evolves it to Kingdra which is in the generation two category .

King’s Rock is another upgrade item and the Pokémon which is evolved is the Slowpoke. King’s Rock relies on the slowpoke candy to evolve the Pokémon into Generation Two Slow King.

Poliwhirl is another Pokémon that can use Kings Rock upgrade items and candy to evolve to Gen 2 Poliwrath.

The sunstone is another upgrade item that can be used to evolve a generation one Gloom and Sunkern to Bellosom and Sunflora using the collected candy.

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