Which cheer restores HP for all ally Pokémon? (Which cheer heals Pokémon in Pokémon GO?)

As a passionate Pokémon lover, I always seek new ways to improve my gameplay experience. I have been fascinated by the unique features and mechanics of Pokémon.

One aspect that has caught my attention is the cheer system. It is a feature that allows trainers to support their Pokémon during battles.

One cheer, in particular, can restore health points for all ally Pokémon, proving crucial in tough fights. This cheer embodies the spirit of Pokémon – teamwork, strategy, and care for your Pokémon.

So, join me as I delve deeper into this fascinating system and many more. Let’s get started🤩!

What are all the cheers in Pokémon Go?


In Pokémon Go, there is spreading cheer, a special research that offers tasks and rewards to trainers. In this event, there are four tasks for players to complete and a reward for each task🥳.

Here is a table summarizing the task and rewards for each task.

Number of tasks



Task 1

Power up Pokémon ten times

Capture fifteen Togetic

Make five accurate throws

2000 stardust


Togetic encounter

Task 2

Capture 15 Togetic

Move ten Pokémon

Capture Pokémon while using three Pinap berries

1500 XP

Lure module

Togetic encounter

Task 3

Throw three curve balls

Move ten Pokémon

Evolve a Togetic

2500 XP

Fifteen Ultra balls

Rocket radar

Task 4

Two Pinnap berries that are silver

Two razz berries golden in colour

2500 XP

Three rare candies

3000 Stardust

Togekiss encounter

How do cheers work in Scarlet and Violet?


In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, cheers are a set of commands players use during Tera raid battles🦾. Tera raids are boss battles that require four players across the Paldea region. A player can only cheer three times in a raid.

The three cheers in Pokémon Scarlet are:

  • Go all out! – increases the attack rate and special attack for the team,
  • Hang tough! – increases the defense rate and special defense of the team.
  • Heal up! – restores the team’s health.

Using these cheers is imperative for the success of the raid. “Go all out!” and “Hang tough!” are best used at the beginning of the fight to raise the team’s defensive capabilities, enabling them to withstand the raid boss’s powerful attacks.

Trainers have the option to utilize the “Heal up!” function, given that the healing item feature is not available in Tera raids😭.

Similar to certain Pokémon, where trainers can employ healing attacks like “Heal Pulse” to support their allies in battles, “Heal up!” is significantly an exclusive method for healing in tera raids🥳.

This move carries a significant impact, allowing all players to take an extra turn before succumbing to defeat.

In certain situations, Tera raid bosses have the ability to remove all stat buffs applied by trainers. Therefore, relying on moves such as “Go all out!” and “Hang tough!” may only increase defense chances.

How long do cheers last in Pokémon?

Which cheer heals Pokémon in Pokémon GO?
Cheers in Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest

During Tera raids, each player gets three cheers throughout the fight😊. When using cheers in Pokémon, the stat boosts from the same type of cheer cannot be accumulated with others.

However, repeating a cheer may sometimes result in a more substantial stat boost.

The stat-boosting cheers last for three turns for each Pokémon, even if the Tera Raid Pokémon nullifies stat changes or if an ally faints and returns to battle within those turns.

Therefore, a coordinated team of four must rotate the cheering responsibility with each player. It’s important to note that this means three cheers, not three of each cheer.

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