Are There Any Charizards In Crown Zenith? (Can You Get A Charizard In Crown Zenith?)

I must say that the most incredible set I have pulled since I started collecting is the special crown Zenith set. This experience has left me wondering if there are any Charizards in Crown Zenith.

In my collection journey, I have only been able to pull just one Charizard, a Charizard V, which was awesome but fostered a yearning to get all the Charizards in Crown Zenith.

Now, here’s what I found out in my quest.

Can you get a Charizard in crown zenith?

Get A Charizard In Crown Zenith?
Charizard in crown zenith. Image source: Pinterest

Yes, you can get a Charizard crown zenith. It might not be easy, but it is possible.

There are a couple of 😎 awesome cards you can pull from the Crown Zenith set, and a Charizard card is one of the many; you might even consider it a fan 👌 favorite, which makes a lot of people get hooked on buying packs of ETBs to get one or all of the Charizard.

There are only three Charizard cards in the Crown Zenith. They include:

Charizard card



Charizard V

Ultra Rare Card

$ 5.99

Charizard VSTAR

Ultra Rare Card

$ 7.49

Radiant Charizard

Radiant Rare Card

$ 6.99

These cards have been a challenging task to open all at once in the same set because I just found out that it is impossible.


Is the Charizard in Crown Zenith rare?

During my Charizard hunt in the particular crown zenith, I learned that the crown zenith has higher 📈 odds of pulling rare cards, especially when it comes to the Charizard.

There are three main Charizard cards in Crown Zenith: the Charizard V, and the Charizard VSTAR are both the Ultra Rare Cards, while the Radiant Charizard are on the Radiant Rare Card level .

After spending $8,000 in packs gambling trying to get a complete set, one of my fellow Pokémon enthusiasts just celebrated the opening of the radiant Charizard card.

This was the best experience even for me, who was trying to do the same.

What are the odds of getting Radiant Charizard in Crown Zenith?

Can You Get A Charizard In Crown Zenith?
Radiant Charizard in Crown Zenith. Image source: Pinterest

My quest to search for the radiant Charizard was not as fruitful as I had planned as I spent over $10,000 and opened hundreds of cards; I found out that there are only three Radiant Pokémon cards in the reverse holo slot including the Radiant Charizard card.

I learned that the odds of pulling a Radiant Rare Card are 1 in 22, while that of pulling a specific Radiant Rare Card are 1 in 69.

To easily put this, with these numbers, your odds of pulling a Radiant Charizard Card in the Crown Zenith are at a 50% chance.

These are 👌 outstanding odds, especially for Crown Zenith enthusiasts with a need for a basic fire type that gives you an attack cost of one (C) less for each prize card taken by your opponent.


How much is the Charizard in Crown Zenith worth?

When purchasing Charizards from the Crown Zenith collection, you will need to cough up some 🤑 money depending on which card exactly you want.

In the case of Charizard V, the price for this Ultra Rare card ranges from $4.97 to $ 5.99; when it comes to the Charizard VSTAR V, the price for this Ultra Rare card ranges from $5.98 to $7.49, while in the case of the Radiant Charizard, the cost of the Radiant Rare card ranges from $4.50 to $6.99.

Sometimes, it is easy to buy the cards separately to fill the Crown Zenith set.

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