What Items Increase Pokémon Speed? (How to Increase Pokémon Speed)

When I was still a novice at Pok√©mon, I would wonder why certain Pok√©mon I battled with were significantly faster than my Pok√©mon. They would make moves faster than I could say the word Pok√©monūüėĒ.

However, as I gradually learned to study my Pok√©mon‚Äôs stat summaries and collected items, I realized I could boost my Pok√©mon‚Äôs speed without solely relying on their nature and abilitiesūü§©.

Join me as I show you how to leverage such items as the choice scarf and carbos for their speed-enhancing properties.

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How do Speed Enhancing Items Work?

With such items as the choice scarf and the power anklet, you will acquire them and store them in your bagūüéías a collectible. Alternatively, for items like the Salac berry and carbos, the Pok√©mon eats them.

Upon using or eating the speed-enhancing items, they will either boost your speed stats, offer a priority boost, or modify how you perform your moves (do it faster) ūüėŹ.

The effect of added speed takes effect immediately when the Pokémon uses or consumes the item.

How to Increase Pokémon Speed

Increasing Pokémon Speed
Pokémon Speed. Image source: Pinterest

Besides using your held items, you can increase a Pokémon’s speed by leveraging its abilities, natures, effort values (EVs), and individual values (IVs), and performing certain moves.

The list of held items with speed-enhancing abilities is tabulated further in this article. Some moves that enhance a Pokémon’s speed include the dragon dance, flame charge, quiver dance, silver wind, ominous wind, tailwind, and rock polish.

A Pok√©mon with timid, jolly, hasty, or na√Įve natures enjoys speed boosts from time to time. Also, a player whose Pok√©mon has such abilities as sand rush, swift swim, motor drive, moody, steadfast, chlorophyll, and speed boost will have elevated speed but circumstantially.

For example, sand rush enhances speed when in sand. Lastly, possessing EVs to 252 and IVs to 31 maximizes a Pokémon’s speed.

How Much Does Choice Scarf Increase Speed?

The choice scarf can increase the Pok√©mon‚Äôs speed by 50%. In other words, the Pok√©mon can execute a move 1.5 times fasterūüėé.

If you need your Pokémon to attack its opponent first, then the choice scarf is an ideal tool to consider.

Unfortunately, the choice scarf‚Äôs speed stats are lowūüėĒ. It also has the limitation of restricting the user to use the scarf for only one move.

You can obtain a choice scarf by either finishing a quest in Hammerlocke or purchasing it at the BP Shop at 25 BP (battle points).

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What Held Items Increase Speed Without Hindering the User?

How to Increase Pokémon Speed
Held items. Image source: Pinterest

The held items that increase a Pokémon’s speed without affecting the user are the Salac Berry and Carbos. The swift wing/feather can increase the speed but hinders the user since the Pokémon cannot use it during battle.

The Custap Berryūüęź increases speed, but this affects the Pok√©mon only within its priority bucket. The Choice Scarf‚Äôs speed enhancement ability restricts the player to one move.

Quick Powder’s limiting trait is it can only benefit a Ditto Pokémon to enhance speed. Quick Claw enhances speed but only for the Pokémon’s first move.

Any Pokémon holding a power anklet will have its speed stats halved during battle.

A list of all the held items with speed-enhancing features is tabulated below:

Held Item:

Speed-Enhancing Effects:

Quick Powder

Increases the speed stat of a Ditto Pokémon that holds it.

Quick Claw

Helps the Pokémon move first (priority boost). However, this happens occasionally: there is a 20% chance of this happening).


A vitamin which helps a Pokémon increase its speed effort values by 10 EVs.

Swift Wing or Swift Feather

A feather that increases the speed EV slightly: increase by one EV.

Choice Scarf

It empowers the Pokémon to move 1.5 times faster.

Power Anklet

Upon them winning a battle, the Pokémon holding a power anklet will receive double speed effort values

Salac Berry

Boosts the Pokémon’s speed by one stage when its HP falls to one quarter or less. However, the effect varies depending on whether the Pokémon has Ripen or Gluttony.

Custap Berry

Empowers the Pokémon to move first (priority boost) when its HP declines to below one quarter.

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