How does Pokémon make money? (What is the main source of income for Pokémon?)

As a Pokémon enthusiast, I have always been amazed by how the Pokémon company has managed to earn an income throughout the years.

As other companies have their own sources of income, Pokémon happens to have its own source of income, which manages to keep it afloat throughout.

You see those Pikachu plush toys, the manga you see on television, the trading game cards, and the video games.

Yes, these are some of the main sources of its income. In this article, I will go into details about the main source of income for Pokémon and the profits the company has made over the years.

Let’s dive into it!🤓

What is the main source of income for Pokémon?

main source of income for Pokémon
Pokémon video games. Image source: Pinterest

The main source of income for Pokémon is through its video games 🎮  The sale of Pokémon video games has been a successful source of income over the years.

Revenue from these video games has consistently been topping sales charts since the franchise’s inception across different platforms.

The most expensive Pokémon video game ever sold is Pokémon Red. A rare copy of this particular video game was sold for the Game Boy, and it achieved a record-breaking sale price at an auction.

Pokémon Red is rare because it is one of the earliest productions runs of the game. Hence, contributing to the record-breaking sale price.

Other Pokémon games, such as Pokémon Go, Pokémon Moon, and Pokémon Sun, have also greatly contributed to the income of Pokémon. This game generates income in various ways, such as through shoe purchases, game sales, partnerships, and licensing agreements.

All in all, Pokémon video games have made a lot of money for Pokémon, hence being its main source of income.

How much profit does Pokémon make?

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Pokémon has generated an outstanding profit over the years 💯. Its net profit is currently at 20% of its overall sales, with an estimated revenue of 118.5 billion dollars.

It makes an income through various channels such as video games, animated TV shows, movies, and merchandise, among others.

The profit Pokémon makes year over year is highlighted in the table below:


Net income



$ 1.6 billion

$ 322 million


$ 1. 28 billion

$ 371 million


$ 909.11 million

$256 million


$ 653. 59 million

$ 46 million


$ 607. 68 million

$ 163 million


$444. 75 million

$ 134 million

What are the sources of income to Pokémon other than selling video games?

What is the main source of income for Pokémon?
Sources of income to Pokémon. Image source: Pinterest

Other than selling video games, the Pokémon Company has other sources of income. Pokémon sells licensed merchandise, which is always on high demand from fans and collectors of Pokémon card games.

The merchandise is managed by companies in Japan, Asia, and South Korea and can also be found at the Pokémon center.

According to many researchers, this merchandise tends to bring in more income compared to video games.

The merchandise include: Books, trading card games, plush toys, stationery, key chains, jewelry, tote bags, and candy 🍬.

They also have animated TV shows and manga, which have also contributed to the company’s income.

What is the main source of income for Pokémon?

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