Why Is Rockruff Not Evolving in Pokemon Scarlet? (How to Evolve Rockruff in Pokemon Scarlet)

The first time I saw Rockruff, I wondered why trainers were obsessed with it 🤷. It had average stats, and its evolved form wasn’t as impressive as I hoped.

So, I asked a friend why he was keen on getting Rockruff. He argued that Rockruff was cute and had three forms, making it one of the few Pokemon with multiple forms.

Additionally, he was fixated on getting a Dusk Form Lycanroc. Admittedly, his explanation didn’t sway me, but I couldn’t deny that Rockruff was cute.

So, here’s how you can get and evolve Rockruff in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

How do you get Rockruff to evolve in Pokemon Scarlet?

Rockruff Not Evolving in Pokemon Scarlet
Rockruff to evolve in Pokemon Scarlet. Image source: Pinterest

Rockruff is a Rock Pokemon that debuted in the Generation 7 games. This adorable little guy has an exceptional sense of smell that makes it one of the best trackers in the Pokemon world.

There are stories of how Rockruff uses this ability to track down their trainers using the faintest scent.

Here’s a table summarizing its key stats 👇:


Rock 🪨


Puppy Pokemon.


Keen Eye, Vital Spirit.

Steadfast (Hidden Ability).

Egg Group








Special Attack


Special Defense




This Puppy Pokemon evolves into Lycanroc. It has three forms, which are influenced by the time of day 🕰️:

  1. Dusk Form – reserved for the Special Event Rockruff when it evolves at dusk.
  2. Midday Form – Rockruff takes this form when it evolves during the day.
  3. Midnight Form – Rockruff assumes this form when it evolves during the night.

Here’s how to evolve Rockruff:


Find Rockruff

Finding Rockruff is the first step to evolving it. You’ll find it early in the game in Area Two of the East Province, Area One of the South and West Provinces, and Area Three of the West Province.

You can also find it in one-star Tera Raids. Once you find one, initiate a battle, wear it down, and capture it.

Level up

Level up this Pokemon to level 25, and it will take a Lycanroc form depending on the time of day it leveled up. If it’s daytime, it will become a Midday Lycanroc; at night, it becomes a Midnight Lycanroc.

Getting a Dusk Form Lycanroc is trickier than the other forms. It requires your Rockruff to have the Own Tempo ability. Additionally, level it up at dusk.

How to get an Own Tempo Rockruff in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

Evolving Rockruff in Pokemon Scarlet)
Own Tempo Rockruff in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Image source: Pinterest

As mentioned, a Rockruff with Own Tempo can evolve into the Dusk Form Lycanroc. It’s often roaming in Area Three in the West Province, usually in the evening.

It’s worth noting that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have their own day/night cycle separate from your device’s internal clock.

You can check the time by accessing your map and looking at the symbol in the top center. It takes 35 minutes for the game to go through a full day/night cycle, making dusk a few minutes long.

You’ll know it’s dusk when the sun is partially below ground, and the sky color changes 🧐.

Besides timing your hunts during dusk, use a Pokemon with the Intimidate or Trace abilities. A Pokemon with Intimidate lowers its opponent’s Attack Stat.

However, a Rockruff with Own Tempo will retain its Attack Stat when faced with Intimidate. Conversely, a Pokemon with Trace will copy the Rockruff’s Own Tempo, which helps you spot the Rockruff.

What level does a Rockruff need to be to evolve in Pokemon Scarlet?

Rockruff evolves at level 25. As mentioned, Lycanroc has three different forms depending on the time of day.

Lycanroc has impressive Attack and Speed Stats and gains the ability Sand Rush. It’s also worth noting that this evolution changes Rockruff’s nature.

When younger, Rockruff is friendly.

However, after evolving, it becomes rougher and more aggressive.

This switch makes raising Rockruff for a long time difficult.

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