Can you get popplio in Pokemon Violet? (How to get Popplio in Pokemon Violet)

Yes. You can get popplio in Pokémon Violet since it is one of the starters that roam around the Blueberry Academy.

How to get Popplio in Pokemon Violet

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Though the first thing that attracted me to Popplio was its looks, I loved it more due to its strong fighting qualities.

Getting a Popplio in Pokémon Violet was, however, not easy since I had to contribute 3000 Blueberry points to the Terrarium Club.

I discovered that many gamers want to know if it is possible to get this Pokémon and, therefore, created this post.

Keep reading also to learn how to get Popplio in Pokémon Violet.

How to find and catch Popplio in Pokemon Violet

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Popplio is a water-type starter that was introduced in Generation VII. To catch it, you have to upgrade the Coastal Biome.

Here are the steps to follow to catch popplio in this game.

Go to Blueberry Academy

At the main entrance, interact with the barriers.

A list will show up

Tap on the League Club Room.

👈Inside the room, focus on the left-hand side of the computer

Choose Contribute BP

Scroll through the options until you get to the Terrarium Club.

Select Boost Biodiversity in the Coastal Biome.

Buy the upgrade

You need 3,000 Blueberry points. If you don’t have them, you have to complete quests so that you can collect more.

🏹Once you have unlocked the upgrade, you can now start hunting for popplio at the Coastal Biome.

Where to find Popplio in Pokemon Violet

Where to find Popplio in Pokemon Violet
Popplio in Pokemon Violet. Image source: Pinterest

Popplio shows up in the waters of the Coastal Biome alongside other Pokémon like Mudkip, Froakie, and Bulbasaur.

For you to get to this area, you have to fly to the Coastal Plaza where this Pokémon spawn. 🏖️If you are lucky, you may encounter Popplio on the beachfront of this area. Some gamers also reveal that they have managed to find Popplio swimming.

Once you catch it in the Terrarium, you should level it up once for it to evolve into Primarina. This Pokémon evolves into Brione at level 17. Brionne later evolves to Primarina at level 34.

Since this is a water-type Pokémon, you should remember that it is weak to grass and electric-type moves. It also becomes weak against poison-type moves later on.

The final form of this Pokémon is, however, resistant to dark, bug, fighting, fire, and water-type moves.

How rare is Popplio in Pokemon Violet?

How rare is Popplio in Pokemon Violet?
Popplio in Pokemon Violet. Image source: Pinterest

Popplio is not very easy to find in this game due to its location. 😩We mentioned that it shows up in the Coastal Biome, and finding Pokémon in this specific Biome can be a bit challenging since the water could hide it.

You have to wade into the water around here for you to finally encounter Popplio.

Additionally, this Pokémon will only show up in this location after you have completed the Boost biodiversity in the Coastal Biome Biodiversity request in the support board.

To complete it, you have to farm numerous points.

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