Is Charizard good in Ultra League? (what is Charizard’s move set in Ultra League?)

My team for last week’s game was Dragonite, Steelix, and Tapu Fini. I discovered that when I put Charizard as the lead, I often lose. I needed to swap Tapu Fini, so I switched with Charizard, and the opponent switched to a mon that’s good against Charizard.

I often win when I put Charizard in second or third place. Was it because of Fast moves and Charged moves?

Since I have been a Charizard enthusiast for years, I will help you discover why this is so and the best move set for Charizard in the Ultra League.

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Best current move set for Charizard in Ultra League?

what is Charizard’s move set in Ultra League?
Charizard in Ultra League. Image source: Pinterest

💪The best current move set for Charizard in the Ultra League is Dragon Claw, Blast, and Wing Attack. Wing Attack has the highest Energy Per Second of 8.0 in the game; hence, you can quickly build up energy to use in the Charged Moves.

Charizard has STAB benefits when using Wing Attack because of its flying ability. Consequently, when you combine Wing Attack with Blast Burn as a Charged Move, it enables Charizard to perform well and cause significant damage.

😕Unfortunately, Charizard does not perform well in the Pokémon Go metagame. It has a low ranking in both the Master and Greater League battles.

Charizard was ranked at the 44th spot in the Ultra League rankings by PvPoke as of September 2023.

Nevertheless, Charizard has good resistance, making it advantageous against Grass, Steel, Grund, Bug, Fairy, Fighting, and other Fire-type Pokémon.

Fast moves

Charged moves

Wing attack*

Fast Charge

Blast Burn*



Heavy damage

Dragon Claw*

Coverage spam

Dragon Breath


Fire Blast


Fire spin



High Energy

Air Slash



Neutral Nuke


Fire Blast


* Recommended



Self-Debuff Nuke

Which Charizard should you Power Up for Ultra League?

Is Charizard good in Ultra League? 
Charizard for Ultra League. Image source: Pinterest

👏Charmander was ranked 38 for IVS 0/12/12 with no Blast Burn, so it is worth powering up and using an Elite TM. Perfect 15/15/15 stats for Charmander have CP values of 840 CP for level 30 and 910 CP for level 35. Raids and Master League have stats of 15/15/15.

At Level 35 with 2500 CP, a perfect Ultra League Charizard is 0/13/15. The stats for the Ultra League are different since the goal is to have the highest defense with the lowest attack.

Charmander evolves into a Charmeleon and then into a Charizard. Since it is a Fire-type Pokémon, fire is a crucial element in the Charmander evolution line.

Charmander prefers hot things, so steam spouts from its tail tip when it rains.

The Charmander will die if the flames go out. When Charmander fully evolves into a Charizard, you will know Charizard’s best move set.

What is Shadow Charizard’s best use in the open Ultra League?

💯 Shadow Charizard is the best Safe Switch because of its excellent move sets. Safe switches are crucial when the initial pairing is not working for you, so you need to change your lead for another Pokémon.

They specialize in countering some of the most popular members of that league. A switch protects the original lead so that it can fight later in the battle.

Your opponent will be forced to also switch to align with the strategy.

In the Great League, Charizard is the solid glass cannon. Charizard can be used as a switch to get an advantage against your opponent if you master your opponent’s team well.

It uses Blast Burn against its opponents and charges up quickly. It is reliable in damaging or eating up your opponent’s shields before exiting the field.

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