Will Landorus Be Back In Pokémon Go? (When Will Landorus Return to Pokémon Go?)

Since Landorus was introduced in Pokémon Go, I have changed my style of play as I got to interact with this powerful Pokémon, which can nourish the soil and support life. I thought I would never interact with it again when it was absent for some time last year.

However, I can now confirm that Landorus will be back in Pokémon Go, where players can get it through conquest as a part of the five-star raids ⚔️.

If you look forward to capturing Landorus, please stick with me as I show you how and where to catch it.

When Will Landorus Return to Pokémon Go?

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Where do I find a Landorus? 🔎

Where do I find a Landorus?
Landorus. Image source: Pinterest

Finding a Landorus Pokémon will require you to know the precise location where it is located and involve engaging it in a fight to capture it.

If you plan to get the Landorus, you will find it around Ramanas Island, roaming on the Obsidian Fieldlands.

The Ramanas Island is located on the southern end of the map. Since it is a legendary Pokémon, it is unlikely that you will find it roaming alone, and it might approach you violently to engage in battle ⚔️.

To capture it, you will need to stage a raid and capture it. This will require adequate preparation 💪 for combat in five-star raids ⭐✬.

In this combat, you must have ice and water-type moves and team up with many other trainers to defeat Landorus since it is vulnerable to them ⚔️.

Moreover, Landorus can be obtained through PvP Battle League rewards. This is possible through the ability to encounter legendary Pokémon from the rewards.

Landorus Base Stats


Ground and Flying

Hit Points






Speed Attack


Speed Defense






How do you get a picture of Landorus in Pokémon GO?  📸

How do you get a picture of Landorus in Pokémon GO?
Landorus in Pokémon GO. Image source: Pinterest

Once you have captured Landorus, you should capture a snapshot of it in your collection. To get its picture, you need to head to the menu, open it, click its image, and then click on the camera icon 📸 in the top right corner.

Select the Landorus Pokémon from the list of Pokémons and open the AR. Point the phone camera in your desired direction and click on the camera button.

This procedure will be able to capture a picture of not only the Landorus but also any other Pokemon.

The background of the photo will be in the direction you point your camera at. This procedure applies to getting a picture of Landorus that you have already captured.

When was the last time Landorus was in Raids? ⚔️

Landorus is not always present in raids but is only available seasonally for limited episodes. To be able to capture it, you need to be aware of the times it is meant to appear.

The last time Landorus was available in raids was from April 26 to May 3, 2023. This period presented an excellent season for players to participate in the five-star raids and capture Landorus. Moreover, raid hours are always limited to specific periods, sometimes six days.

In addition, different variations appeared at other times. Incarnate Forme Landorus appeared in Raids from April 10, 2023, to April 17, 2023, while Therian Forme Landorus last appeared in raids from April 25, 2022, to May 3, 2022.

How do you take a screenshot of Landorus without catching it?  📸 ❓

How do you take a screenshot of Landorus without catching it?
Screenshot of Landorus. Image source: Pinterest

To capture a Landorus without catching it, you must first have it in your collection. If you do not have Landorus in your collection, consider adding it to your collection of Pokémons and proceed.

Once you have had the Landorus in your world before you, tap the capture button to capture a picture and finish 📸.

If you cannot complete this procedure, you can negotiate with another coach to complete the process.

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