What level is the Quaking Earth Titan Pokemon? (where to find the Quaking Earth Titan Pokemon)

The Quaking Earth Titan Pokemon is on level 45. If you love Pokemon challenges like I do, you know that beating a titan Pokemon makes you better as you level up.

I realized that after I defeated a titan Pokemon, my mount unlocked new abilities. The Titans are different based on the type of game that you have; either violet or scarlet.

You could be wondering where to find the quaking Earth Titan Pokemon. Being a Pokemon enthusiast for years, I will help you know where to find and how to beat the quaking Earth Titan Pokemon. Let’s get started.

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Where to Find the Earth Quaking Titan

Where to Find the Earth Quaking Titan
Find the Earth Quaking Titan. Image source: Pinterest

The quaking Earth Titan Pokemon is the fourth titan Pokemon in the list of legends. It is found deep within the desert of Asando in the region of Paldea. It differs in the scarlet and violet games and opens new abilities if defeated.

You can find it by opening your map 🗺️ and selecting its icon on the map. This helps you to track it by giving you a pointer ➡️ on your compass to the direction of the Titan.

The quaking earth titan is larger than the rest, and therefore, it is easy to identify it from a distance.

Following the map, you should go all the way to the west, and when you are close, Arven will call to let you know. You should proceed west until you see the Titan.

How to beat the quaking earth titan

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In Scarlet, you will encounter the quaking earth titan fighting type, a ground and Great Tusk. To fight it, you should first take your time to level up your team because this Titan is on level 45, which is a massive jump up from level thirty lurking steel titan.

Therefore, you should not underestimate it because it can cause you extreme damage if you do not defeat it fast.

With Great Tusk having several weaknesses, such as water 💧, grass, flying, fairy, and ice 🧊, causing enough damage to the Titan will make it withdraw to prepare for a second-round fight.

In Pokemon Violet, you encounter quaking earth titan, a steel type, a ground, and iron treads Pokemon. It is also on level 45, and to counter it, you should fire, ground, water, and fighting-type moves because they are effective against it.

What Pokemon are best to use against the quaking Earth Titan?

What Pokemon are best to use against the quaking Earth Titan?
Quaking Earth Titan. Image source: Pinterest

The Great Tusk is vulnerable to water, ice, flying, grass, psychic, and fairy attacks, and therefore, the best Pokemon to use against the Titan is Strong water or flying type.

The flying-type Pokemon has an offensive edge over the great Tusk and is resistant to its ground attacks. Arven is also a good choice because it has powerful strikes against Great Tusk.

To effectively fight the quaking Earth Titan Pokemon in Scarlet, you will need to use flying, bug, grass, and water types, while in violet, you need fire, fighting, ground, or water types.

Let us look at the example of Pokemon that can do best fighting the quaking earth titan.




Ground type


Water type


Flying type


Fighting type


Bug type


Grass type


Fire type

When you attack the quaking earth titan with these Pokemon, its strength will be depleted, and it will retreat to re-energize itself using the herba mystica.

The herb helps to restore its health for the second round fight. Note that even if you are using the best Pokemon to fight the Titan, you should attack swiftly to defeat it.

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