Is Carnivine shiny in Pokémon Go? (is there a shiny Carnivine in Pokémon Go?)

Unfortunately,😢there is no shiny Carnivine in Pokémon Go.

Pokémon Go is my most treasured gaming and entertainment partner. It unleashes my exploratory skills and hones my hunting instincts. The release of Carnivine during the 2023 Go Fests was such a big deal for me.

Somehow, I assumed that there was a shiny version and as so, I began the hunt. The thrill and excitement of catching a new shiny Pokémon were palpable.

Well, my quest to have a shiny Carnivine did not end triumphantly😭. Such is the fate of many enthusiasts. But all is not lost because getting a Carnivine is a big deal.

Read on to learn how.

is there a shiny Carnivine in Pokémon Go?

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How to get Carnivine in Pokemon Go?

How to get Carnivine in Pokemon Go?
Carnivine in Pokemon Go. Image source: Pinterest

Sadly, you cannot get Carnivine in Pokémon go through raids, eggs, or encountering it in the wild. However, you can still get by trading with someone who has it.

Since Carnivine was available in Pokémon Go during the Go Fest Global in 2023, it means that several people have it, in their collection. As such it is possible to trade from them.

The first thing when you decide to acquire a Carnivine through trading is to find a trading partner 🤝. You can conveniently get a trading partner in online communities, a local Pokémon Go network, or your existing network of Pokémon friends.

One of the communities I have used is the r/pokemongotrades on Reddit. In most cases, I post the Pokémon that I am looking for and the one that I am offering.

For instance, I can offer my Piplup for a Carnivine and wait for an interested trader. At other times, I am forced to negotiate for a different thing or even offer money.

I have also acquired valuable Pokémon by trading in my local network. My favorite way to connect to a local network is through Facebook groups or the Silph Road League app.

I either find potential traders through such platforms or learn of local events where I can go and propose a trade. I find trading in a local network effortless, convenient, and safe.

Finally, you can check whether your friends in Pokémon Go have the Carnivine and are willing to trade. Such a trade is convenient and may cost you less, because you can easily negotiate.

When trading for a Carnivine, it is crucial to understand that it is relatively rare and sellers may demand more than you expected. It is also crucial to be on the lookout for scammers.

The table below shows some of the platforms you can acquire Carnivine by trading.





In-game trading

Found in Pokemon Go

It is safe

Has few potential sellers

Online communities

Websites, forums, and social media groups

Many potential traders

Many scammers.

Local Pokémon Go groups

Include Facebook groups and discord

Connects you to nearby players

Fewer potential traders.

Discord trading servers

It has specialized servers for Pokémon Go trades

Potential for competitive offers

You need to join external platforms and conform to their rules.


Will Pokémon release a shiny version of Carnivine?

Will Pokémon release a shiny version of Carnivine?
Shiny version of Carnivine. Image source: Pinterest

Sadly, 😰 there is no official communication on whether Pokémon will release a shiny version of Carnivine. Most enthusiasts hope that the shiny version will be released.

Most base their hope on that most Pokemon from the Hoenn region have a Shiny Pokémon, hence, it is likely that Carnivine will also have a Shiny version.

Others base their hope on existing rumors within Pokémon communities of the release of a shiny version. With official communication of such a release, it is impossible to know with certainty of any future release.

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