What is the Best Pokémon to Use Against Walking Wake? (Pokémon to Use Against Walking Wake)

The best Pokemon to use against Walking Wake are dragon, fairy, and electric types. These include Miraidon, Iron Hands, Flutter Mane, Dragapult, and Dragonite.

One of my happiest discoveries in the Pokémon world was learning that legendaries are not as terrifying and hard 😨to defeat as I thought. One such legendary Pokémon is the Walking Wake.

All you must do is be strategic😏 in your choice of Pokémon to counter it. However, this works if you understand the specific attributes and moves that make a Pokémon effective against Walking Wake.

Now, let us analyze the best Pokémon and moves that are effective to counter Walking Wake:

Pokémon to Use Against Walking Wake

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Which Pokémon are Effective Against Walking Wake?

Which Pokémon are Effective Against Walking Wake?
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Your choice for the most effective Pokémon against Walking Wake depends on the circumstances in which you are: tera raid or normal circumstances. The two Pokémon that are the best against Walking Wake in a tera raid are Miraidon and Iron Hands.

To understand why these Pokémon are effective against Walking Wake, it is crucial to know Walking Wake’s characteristics.

One of these is that Walking Wake mainly uses water💦 and fire as its attacks. Fortunately, Miraidon, whose tera type is electric, is resistant to both water and fire🔥, enhancing its defense potential.

Miraidon’s moveset comprises Charge, Electro Drift, Parabolic Charge, and Metal Sound, and its ability is Hadron Engine.

With these, Miraidon thrives in the offense, as its STAB (Same-Type Attack Bonus) Electro Drift move is highly effective against Walking Wake. Iron Hands, like Miraidon, has an electric ⚡tera type.

Its ability is Quark Drive, and its moveset includes Belly Drum, Thunder Punch, Electric Terrain, and Drain Punch.

These render Iron Hands an excellent attacker against Walking Wake, as activating Electric Terrain and Quark Drive boosts your attack stats by 30%.

Belly Drum raises these stats further. Notably, make sure Electric Terrain is active before using these moves.

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Under normal circumstances, dragon and fairy-type Pokémon are also effective against Walking Wake. Here, it is essential to note that Walking Wake has low defense stats, which means dragon 🐉and fairy type Pokémon with impressive attack stats, especially special attacks, would be effective against it.

The best choice for fairy🧚 types would be Flutter Mane, a ghost/fairy type Pokémon with base stats of 135 for special attack, special defense, and speed.

The high speed enables it to move faster than Walking Wake while attacking it. Also, this Pokémon’s access to Energy Ball and Thunderbolt makes it a good fit for countering Walking Wake in a tera raid.

As for dragon🐲 types, Dragapult is an ideal offensive option, while Dragonite thrives in the defense.

What is Walking Wake Weak To?

What is Walking Wake Weak To?
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Walking Wake is a water/dragon Pokémon whose weakness is against fairy and fairy-type moves. Hence, Pokémon with water, steel, ice❄️, and fire🔥 moves cannot be effective against Walking Wake since it is resistant to these moves.

The resistance is higher for water and fire attacks than steel attacks. For this reason, when selecting Pokémon to go against Walking Wake, it is important to choose only those Pokémon types that Walking Wake is either weak against or vulnerable to.

Walking Wake is vulnerable to the grass and electric-type Pokémon. Being a water-type💦 Pokémon, electric-types⚡ like Miraidon and Iron Hands are highly effective against Walking Wake.

However, since the latter has Flamethrower as part of its moveset, this Pokémon can hold its own against grass-type Pokémon.

For this reason, it is advisable 😉to avoid using grass-type Pokémon to counter Walking Wake.

What is the Best Moveset to Use Against Walking Wake?

What is the Best Moveset to Use Against Walking Wake?
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The moveset will depend on the Pokémon that you choose to counter Walking Wake. Different Pokémon have unique movesets💪, which means that your choice of ideal movesets implies the choice of the best Pokemon to counter Walking Wake.

Earlier, we mentioned the movesets of some of the best counters for Walking Wake, like Miraidon and Iron Hands. More Pokémon with useful movesets against Walking Wake include Gardevoir, Bellibolt, Azumaril, Annihilape, Gastrodon (West Sea), and Arboliva.

The table below summarizes the various movesets associated with each of these Pokémon. For Bellibolt, its double use of Acid Spray lowers special defense stats for Walking Wake, while the Parabolic Charge causes significant damage and restores HP.

Azumaril’s Belly Drum 🪘boosts its attack stats. Annihilape’s Bulk Up enhances its defense and attack stat, while Arboliva’s Growth and Giga Drain boost its special attack and healing capacity, respectively.




Parabolic Charge, Rain Dance, Electric Train, Acid Spray.


Belly Drum, Play Rough, Snowscape, Ice Spinner


Bulk Up, Rage Fist, Close Combat, Screech

Gastrodon (West Sea)

Acid Spray, Snowscape, Recover, Tera Blast


Giga Drain, Growth, Light Screen, Terrain Pulse

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