Pokémon Go: Basic Battle Tactics

Pokémon Go is quite strategic despite how simple its mechanics look. You need to master fundamental strategies crucial for dominating gym battles, raids, and PvP encounters. From exploiting type advantages to strategic switch-outs and mastering dodge timings, these tactics empower you to optimize your Pokémon’s performance. Enhancing your battle proficiency involves understanding the commonly encountered Pokemon, battle mechanics, and PvP leagues.

This guide will help you learn important Pokémon types and move sets, enabling you to build a formidable team and adapt to diverse opponents. By honing these foundational strategies, you can embark on your Pokémon journey with confidence, ready to conquer any challenge that comes your way.

Pokémon on MacBook: Getting Started

Pokémon on MacBook
Pokémon on MacBook. Image source: Pixabay

Playing Pokémon on a MacBook comes with a lot of issues. For instance, you can download the game but not play it. To avoid this, you must download an emulator on your MacBook. OpenEmu, found at openemu.org, is a highly popular emulator that you can use. Then, add a ROM file like the Nintendo (NES) console and apply its configurations. A ROM is like a digital copy of a Pokémon game you can play on emulators. Now you can start playing the game.

However, these modifications may slow your touchpad or cause unwanted hardware malfunctions. If this occurs, click this site for a detailed explanation on how to rectify and revamp your touchpad.

Understanding PvP Leagues

Understanding PvP Leagues
PvP Leagues. Image source: Pinterest

The Pokémon game’s PvP leagues allow trainers and their Pokémon to battle opponents of equal strength. The game dictates the Combat Power (CP) limit per Pokémon you can use in the game. Before a battle, you must select a league to participate in.

Each league has a different Combat Power limit and can only allow you to use up to three Pokémon. For example, Zangoose is stronger in Ultra Leagues due to its poor performance in Raid attacks.

  1. Great League (1,500 CP limit per Pokémon): Requires lower tier Pokémon and Trainers.
  2. Ultra League (2,500 CP limit per Pokémon): It has a wide variety of teams showing what you can experience in the Master League.
  3. Master League (No CP limit): Practice your strongest Pokémon, like Mewtwo and Raikou, without any restrictions and watch them dominate.

Team Building Strategies

Team Building Strategies
Team Building. Image source: Pinterest

A strong Pokémon team requires careful consideration of their prowess, roles, synergy, diversity, and type of coverage. You can hardly miss success with these kinds of strategies:

  1. Have a central goal: Starting with a central idea or goal, such as building your team around a single strong Pokémon, may prove effective.
  2. Cover type weaknesses: Since Pokémon are so variant, add more than one Pokémon to cover a type to consider safety.
  3. Adopt cover counters to create momentum: Have a Pokémon team that can deal with counters. For example, address a defensive strategy with a strong Pokémon like Wallbreaker that can deal with other defensive walls.
  4. Check the current meta to plan accordingly: Be wary of meta threats in your Pokémon league since they will appear in most opposing teams.

Battle Mechanics Breakdown

In Pokémon Go, each Pokémon has a set amount of HP (Hit Points) that decreases when the opponent attacks them. Hence, the goal is to deplete all of your enemy’s HP through:

  1. Attacking: Know the concept of Pokemon Typing to determine the best time to attack an opposing Pokemon.
  2. Switching: Understand the concept of Option Priority and effectively switch to a more superior Pokemon against your attacker.
  3. The defense moves: Learn when to defend to avoid an attacking Pokemon.

Countering Common Meta Pokémon

Countering Common Meta Pokémon
Arcanine. Image source: Pinterest

The five commonly encountered and powerful Pokemon are Amoongus, Palafin, Arcanine, Flatter Mane, and Ting-LU. To counterattack them, you need to have at least one of these Pokemon in your team:

  1. Baxcalibur: Has great thermal exchange against Arcanine, Amoongus, and Ting-Lu.
  2. Rotom: Resists Ting-Lu, Palafin, and Arcanine while hitting them with super effective damage.
  3. Gyarados: Has a defensive typing plus against Flatter Mane, Arcanine, Palafin, and Ting-Lu.
  4. Gothitelle: lowers the attack of Arcanine and Amoongus by one stage and can move from Zero to Hero form on switching out.
  5. Corviknight: Counterattacks all the top five commonly encountered Pokemon with moves from Pokémon like Terra Fire.

Tactics and Strategies

Pokemon Go tactics and strategies.
Pokemon Go tactics and strategies. Image source: Pinterest

Pokemon Go is all about tactics and strategies. However, some tactics have been consistently effective in most highly-ranked combats. The best tactics you can employ while playing Pokemon Go are:

  1. Dragon tail: Forces your opponents to take a switch and eliminate their accumulated stats.
  2. Gut ability: A Pokémon with the Guts ability can survive burn attacks and help you increase attack power by 1.5 times.
  3. Baton Pass: Have a Pokemon that occasionally boosts the rest of your team by passing stat, which serves as a party member.

Practice and Improvement

Improving in Pokemon requires constant practice, refinement, and learning from your defeats and victories. Some essential tips you should remember include:

  1. Enter competitions: For efficient training, participate in lower-tier events apart from higher-tier ones. It helps measure your progress and see where to improve.
  2. Get coaching: Some of your friends are better than you think, and you can learn a few tricks from them if you watch closely or ask.
  3. Master in-game tricks and strategies: Pokemon in-game strategies can often outperform superior opponents.


Mastering the basic battle tactics of Pokémon Go is essential for achieving success in gym battles, raids, and PvP encounters. As a trainer, you can gain a competitive advantage by understanding type advantages, mastering dodging techniques, and strategically switching Pokémon.

Practice and experimentation enhance your skills to face different opponents. Make yourself ready to conquer the battles. To win battles in Pokémon Go, mastering and applying basic battle strategies is crucial.

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