Can you get another Cosmog Pokémon Go? (How to a second Cosmog in Pokémon Go)

In my Pokémon Go travels, I came across my first Cosmog, and oh, the joy it brought! Its starry glow left a lasting impression, carving out a special spot in my Pokémon heart.

Fueled by this triumph, I set out to capture more, and happily, I did just that. It was very possible to capture another Cosmog, unlike what most people think.

Now, inspired by the curiosity of fellow players eager to know about catching a second Cosmog, I’ve crafted this article.

Join me as we explore the steps and dive into the thrilling journey of discovery together! 🌟

How do you find Cosmog in Pokémon Go?

How do you find Cosmog in Pokémon Go?
Cosmog in Pokémon Go. Image source: Pinterest

Cosmog, a Legendary Pokémon, joined Pokémon Go in the Season of Light event beginning September 1, 2022.

To capture this otherworldly being, players must finish the ‘A Cosmic Companion’ Special Research. The quest comprises several stages, each featuring distinct tasks.

These tasks span from capturing specific Pokémon types to conquering gym battles and forming new connections.

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As players accomplish each stage, they receive rewards like Pokeballs, Stardust, and XP. Yet, the pinnacle reward is an encounter with Cosmog🥳.

Here’s a brief overview of the process:





Catch 10 Pokemon

Pokeball x10


Make 5 Nice Throws

Stardust x1000


Give your Buddy 3 treats

XP x500

Final stage

Complete all stages

Encounter with Cosmog

Successfully locating Cosmog in Pokémon Go requires a combination of patience and persistence. Best of luck on your quest! 🌟🔭👾

How to get a second cosmog in Pokemon Go

How to get a second cosmog in Pokemon Go
Get a second cosmog in Pokemon Go. Image source: Pinterest

Obtaining a second Cosmog in Pokémon Go was made possible through the ‘Starry Skies Special Research.’

This research was accessible to all Pokémon Go players at no cost from June 16, 2023, to June 25, 2023. By logging in during this timeframe, players could acquire and undertake the research, securing a second Cosmog😄.

Alternatively, for those desiring a third Cosmog, a ‘Starry Skies Special Research Ticket’ could be purchased for $5 (or local currency equivalent) during the same period.

This ticket enabled players to complete the research once more and attain a third Cosmog.

How to Evolve Cosmog in Pokemon GO

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Evolving Cosmog into Cosmoem requires a minimum of 25 Cosmog Candy, obtainable by finishing the tasks in the ‘A Cosmic Companion’ research. The evolution of Cosmog into Cosmoem is a step in the 5th phase of this research🤧.

Here are the steps for evolving Cosmog in Pokemon Go:

  1. Obtain Cosmog: Start by acquiring a Cosmog, which is achievable by completing the tasks in the ‘A Cosmic Companion’ Special Research.
  2. Gather Cosmog Candy: Accumulate 25 Cosmog Candy to facilitate the evolution of Cosmog into its subsequent form, Cosmoem. These candies are attainable by fulfilling tasks outlined in the ‘A Cosmic Companion’ research.
  3. Evolution into Cosmoem: Once you’ve amassed enough candies, initiate the evolution of Cosmog into Cosmoem. This step is integral to the 5th phase of the ‘A Cosmic Companion’ research.
  4. Further Evolution into Solgaleo or Lunala: Progressing Cosmoem to its next stage requires completing the 9th part of the same research. At this point, you have the choice to evolve Cosmoem into either Solgaleo or Lunala. While this decision doesn’t significantly impact combat effectiveness, Lunala is recognized for superior attacks, while Solgaleo boasts more immunities.

Is Cosmog rare in Pokemon Go?

Is Cosmog rare in Pokemon Go?
Cosmog in Pokemon Go. Image source: Pinterest

Yes, Cosmog stands out as a rare find in Pokémon Go, characterized by its infrequent appearance and scarcity in the wild.

Encountering this Pokémon is not a common occurrence, as it tends to appear more during special in-game events or as part of specific research tasks😚.

The combination of its rarity and distinct qualities adds an exciting dimension to the experience for trainers.

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