What is the maximum walking speed in Pokemon Go? (What is the speed limit for walking in Pokemon Go?)

As someone who’s totally into the game, I’ve been there – eagerly trying to hatch eggs and snag Buddy Candy in a rush.

But here’s the twist – Pokémon Go has a walking speed limit, and knowing the ins and outs of this limit is crucial to leveling up our gameplay.

So, read on because, in this article, we’re diving deep into the nitty-gritty of the maximum walking speed in Pokémon Go.

Let’s explore the secrets together!

How fast is too fast for walking in Pokemon Go?

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In Pokémon Go, the game utilizes your device’s GPS to monitor your movements. As you move, the game calculates the distance covered, which plays a role in various in-game features like egg hatching and earning candy with your buddy Pokémon.

Nevertheless, there’s a speed restriction in place to confirm that players are genuinely engaging in activities like walking, jogging, or cycling rather than resorting to faster modes of transportation like cars or trains.

Typically set at around 10.5 km/h (6.5 mph), surpassing this speed prompts the game to assume that you’re not truly walking, resulting in the distance traveled not being credited towards hatching eggs😅.

This speed limit is implemented to promote physical activity and exploration, aligning with Pokémon Go’s primary goal.

By establishing this restriction, the game ensures that players receive rewards for genuine movement at a pace consistent with walking or light cycling.

At what speed does Pokemon Go stop tracking?

What is the speed limit for walking in Pokemon Go?
What speed Pokemon Go stop tracking? Image source: Pixabay

Pokémon Go establishes varying speed restrictions for distinct activities to discourage players from using vehicles to gain an unfair advantage.

When it comes to tracking egg/buddy distance, the game imposes a speed limit of 10.5 km/h (6.5 mph).

If you go beyond this speed, the game won’t register the distance covered for hatching eggs. It’s advisable to maintain a speed below this limit to ensure accurate tracking of your activity.

Keep in mind that Pokémon Go emphasizes exploration and physical activity, so it’s recommended to take it easy and enjoy the journey! 🚶‍♂️🐣🍬👍

Can you get banned for going too fast in Pokemon Go?

Engaging in GPS spoofing, excessive speed during travel (especially in a moving car), or sharing accounts in Pokémon Go can lead to a soft ban. These bans may extend up to 12 hours😭.

When traveling at speeds exceeding 30 km/h (~20 mph), access to PokéStops is restricted, a measure intended to discourage gameplay while in a vehicle.

If you find yourself encountering a “Try again later” error while attempting to spin a Stop in a car or bus, it’s necessary to decelerate and attempt the action again😌.

Here is a table showing the speed limits in Pokémon Go:

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Speed Limit (km/h)

Speed Limit (mph)

Egg/Buddy Distance Tracking



Passenger Warning Threshold



PokéStop Spinning Limit



Pokémon Sightings and Encounter Limit



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