Can Charizard have drought? (is Charizard weak to drought?)

I first came across Charizard in elementary school through a friend. It did not take me too long to realize that Charizard was immune to some elements.

I was especially intrigued by its ability drought benefits, especially upon Mega Evolution, and like many, wondered if the natural Charizard had the ability Drought.

Since I have been a Charizard enthusiast for years, I will help you find out if Charizard can have Drought and the benefits of having the ability.

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Is Charizard weak to drought?

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👎Charizard is not weak to ability Drought as it can learn several moves from having sunlight. The moves include Solar Beam, Solar Blade, Fire Blast, Focus Blast, and Flamethrower.

Charizard is a Fire and Flying Pokémon that is immune to ground-type moves. It means that Charizard cannot be affected by certain weather-inducing moves. Charizard benefits from ability Drought, especially upon Mega Evolution to Charizard Y.

However, as much as Charizard can benefit from moves initiated by Drought, it cannot originally do so. Drought.

How does a mega Charizard Y benefit from having drought as an ability?

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☀️Upon mega evolution, Mega Charizard Y acquires the ability Drought, which comes with major benefits. Drought ability causes sweltering heat that increases Fire-type moves by fifty percent.

The drought ability also allows Mega Charizard Y to utilize the Solar Beam without charging.

It then reduces the power of Water-type moves by another fifty percent. Mega Charizard Y ability Drought warrants five turns of Sunny Day, which last until another weather is summoned.

The ability drought disrupts other weathers, boosting Mega Charizard Y’s damage outcome and also protects it from Water-type attacks from opponents.

Mega Charizard Y benefits from Power Boost upon gaining the ability Drought. Mega Charizard Y fire-type moves become very powerful to tackle any intense damage from opponents.

Fire-type moves that are boosted by the ability Drought include Flamethrower, Fire Blast, and Blast Burn.

In addition, Mega Charizard Y can benefit from having the ability Drought as it can use a Solar Beam, which gives it grass-type moves without charging turn under the sunlight, thus attacking its opponents unaware.

Mega Charizard also benefits from having Drought as an ability as it gains Speed Boost. The speed boost enables Mega Charizard Y to move very fast and strike down the opponents before they can make a stronger defense.

⛈️By being able to drought, Mega Charizard Y can control the Weather during Pokémon battle. If the opponents are weakened by harsh sunlight, Mega Charizard has the advantage of countering weather like rain, potentially weakening the opponents in the battle.

How do you make a Charizard Y prolong drought?

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⏱️Mega Charizard Y ability drought can be prolonged to eight turns by holding a Heat Rock. During Pokémon battle, Mega Charizard Y’s ability to Drought is limited to five turns, which later returns to normal after the five turns.

Nevertheless, there are various tricks to prolong the period of the ability Drought for Mega Charizard Y, as shown in the table below:

Ways to prolong


Holding a Heat Rock

When Mega Charizard Y holds a heat rock, the ability drought is prolonged to eight turns from five, allowing it to retain its benefits for a long

🧑‍🤝‍🧑Teammates with ability Drought

During the Pokémon battle, when you have a team member who can drought, you can switch Mega Charizard Y with the character since it will enter and reset the duration back to five, thus prolonging the duration of the harsh sunlight.

Weather-inducing Moves

Sunny day and Max Flare move types can be used to refresh the drought duration as they change the weather to harsh sunlight, and this, in turn, extends the duration of Mega Charizard Y ability drought.

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