Can you trade Zygarde in Pokémon Go? (Is Zygarde tradable in Pokémon GO?)

😀I was excited when Zygarde was introduced since I love the rewards that come with playing Pokémon Go.

One of the things that I was looking forward to doing was trading zygarde to a friend in real time to complete my Pokédex.

Instead of keeping Zygarde in my account, I wanted to trade it to evolve it to an even stronger 100% forme. 😔However, I was disappointed to learn that trading Zygarde is now allowed in Pokémon Go. Keep reading to learn more about zygarde.

How does Zygarde work in Pokémon Go?

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Zygarde is among the most powerful Pokémon in Pokémon Go that was introduced in July 2023. This is a regular form Pokémon that appears in the form of a dog-like creature.

The Pokémon has access to great coverage moves in Earthquake and Crunch and features impressive stats.

This legendary Pokémon comes in three forms, which include the 100% Forme, 50% Forme, and 10% Forme. The most powerful Pokémon in this game is the 100% Forme. You need Zygarde cells to get all three forms of Zygarde.

How do you get zygarde in Pokémon Go?

trade Zygarde in Pokémon Go
Get zygarde in Pokémon Go. Image source: Pokemon

You can get Zygarde 10% Forme by completing the first sections of the From A to Zygarde Special Research. ⬇️Here are the tasks that you need to complete to get Zygarde.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Walking 1 Km will help you earn 5 Pinap Berries

Star by making 3 Great Throwing and earn 10 Great Balls.

Claim Reward and get 10 Great balls

Catching 10 Pokémon helps you get 5 Potions

You will get a reward of 10 Nanab Berries if you power up Pokémon up to 5 times.

Claim Reward and get 10 Super Potions

Catch Pokémon by using 5 berries and get 5 Pokeballs.

Hatching an eggs will help you get 10 Pokeballs.

Claim Reward and get 1000 Stardust.

Once you go through this step, you will get a reward of 500 Stardust.

Completing this step will earn you 1000 Stardust.


Once you complete these three steps, you will not only get Zygarde 10% Forme but also a Zygarde cube that stores the Zygarde cells.

You have to collect 50 Zygarde cells to get to 50% Forme. This transforms the creature into some sort of a cobra. Collecting 200 Zygarde cells can help you get the most powerful form of the Pokémon, which is 100% Forme.

The complete Forme appears as a humanoid monster.

Can you evolve zygarde in Pokémon Go?

Is Zygarde tradable in Pokémon GO?
Evolve zygarde in Pokémon Go. Image source: Pokemon

Zygarde does not evolve. Instead, it changes forms. Evolving zygarde in Pokémon Go is difficult because you have to farm Pokémon Go routes, and they are scarce in most parts of the world.

You have to get 3 zygarde cells in a day, and each route you complete in a day only has one chance to grant you a cell.

For you to get the zygarde cells needed to evolve a 100% zygarde, you need over 60 days if you can manage to get 3 cells in a day. 🤦This is very hard in areas where you can only complete 1 route in a day.

Is Zygarde rare in Pokémon Go?

Yes. Zygarde became a rare Pokémon after the end of the Blaze New Trails event, which ran between July 21st to July 24th, 2023. The Blaze New Trails event marked the debut of Zygarde in Pokémon Go.

The best time to catch the Pokémon and add it to your Pokédex would have been during Blaze New Trails. As we mentioned before, you can only get Zygarde cells by following the Routes feature, and the cells are pretty hard to come by.

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