Can You Trade Darkrai in Pokémon Go? (Why Can’t You Trade Darkrai in Pokémon Go?)

One of my favorite things about Pokémon Go is that they keep updating their list of available Pokémon. I recently participated in a 5-star raid, and owing to my aggressiveness, I managed to catch two Darkrai and one shiny Darkrai 😊.

I immediately shared the news with my friend, who wanted me to trade one with him. Shortly after, we discovered that it was not possible to trade ☹.

Read on to learn why you cannot trade Darkrai in Pokémon Go and much more.

Why Can’t I Trade My Darkrai in Pokémon Go?

Why Can’t I Trade My Darkrai in Pokémon Go?
Why Can’t I Trade My Darkrai in Pokémon Go? Image source: Pinterest

You cannot trade Darkrai because it is a Mythical Pokémon, and these cannot be traded in Pokémon Go. It is a sad reality since many Pokémon trainers long to have at least one of these rare Pokémon in their collection.

To own a Darkrai, you must get it the hard way 💪.

Mythical Pokémon such as Darkrai are only available during certain events. You need to participate in the 5-star raid and defeat this formidable Pokémon.

If you fail to catch one, you must wait for future raids and try your luck again.

How Do You Get Darkrai in Pokémon Go?

How Do You Get Darkrai in Pokémon Go?
Darkrai in Pokémon Go? Image source: Pinterest

You can get Darkrai and Shiny Darkrai by participating in Pokémon Go raids. Darkrai is a powerful Pokémon and presents as a Pokémon Go 5-star raid boss.

To qualify to participate in this event, you must have Raid Passes. You can purchase these from the store or pick them up for free from a Poké Stop.

You must be aware of its weaknesses and strengths to increase your chances of defeating Darkrai. These Pokémon are weak against Fighting-Type Pokémon, Bug, and Fairy-Type Pokémon.

You want to bring these out from your collection. On the other hand, Darkrai is strong against Psychic-Type Pokémon, Dark and Ghost.

Including these in your team would be signing up for defeat. Once you win the battle, you are rewarded with premier balls that you can use to catch the Darkrai.

To catch a shiny Darkrai, you must also defeat the Pokémon Go 5-star raid boss, Darkrai. However, the twist here is that you must win many 5-star raids to create the possibility of encountering one.

Winning many raids increases the spawn rate of Darkrai. The more Darkrai you spawn, the higher the chances that the next one will be a shiny variant 😀.

However, you must be patient, as catching one would take several trials. The table below summarizes the Pokémon that you can use to defeat Darkrai against those that Darkrai is strong against.

Strong Against Darkrai

Weak Against Darkrai

Fighting-Type Pokémon

Psychic-Type Pokémon



Fairy-Type Pokémon


Can You Transfer Darkrai to A Different Game?

Via Tenor

Although Darkrai cannot be traded, they can be transferred to a different game. However, this does not apply to all the games.

Before you transfer your Darkrai to a different game, you must find out if the transfer is possible.

For instance, you can transfer Darkrai to Scarlet. However, transferring to Sword and Shield is impossible as it is unavailable there.

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