What Is Galarian Zapdos Spawn Rate In Pokémon Go? (How Rare Is A Galarian Zapdos In Pokémon Go?)

As a Pokémon Go fan, encountering a Galarian Legendary Bird is a thrilling experience. Many of my friends want to have an encounter with the Galarian Zapdos, but they have not yet had one.

This has been making them wonder what the rate of the Galarian Zapdos spawn points are and how rare they are in Pokémon Go.

A couple of months back, I was able not only to spawn but also to catch a Legendary Galarian Zapdos, and I was over the moon 💃.

So please continue reading to learn more about the Legendary Galarian Zapdos spawn rate and how rare they are.

How rare is a Galarian Zapdos in Pokémon Go?


The most challenging birds to see and catch are the Galarian Legendary birds, which include the Galarian Zapdos. The Galarian Zapdos is rare because it has a 0.3% base catch rate and a 90% flee rate.

You can increase your chances of catching it by using a Razz Berry, making curveball throws, or using the circle lock technique, making sure that you have an excellent throw.

But, because the Galarian Zapdos’ catch rate is low, it is advised that you use a Master Ball to catch it.

How do you get Galarian Zapdos to spawn in Pokémon Go?

the rarity of Galarian Zapdos in Pokémon Go
Galarian Zapdos to spawn in Pokémon Go. Image source: Pinterest

To get the Galarian Zapdos to spawn, you will need to activate the Daily Adventure Incense. In order to activate it, you need to attach a Pokémon GO Lure Module to a Gym or a Poke Stop in windy weather.

This is because it is a Flying-type Pokémon, and it aligns with windy weather.

After activating the Daily Adventure Incense, you will then need to keep walking all around the attached Poke Stop or the Gym.

Once you spawn the Galarian Zapdos, you can catch it and add it to your record 💃.

Can the Galarian Zapdos spawn with regular Incense?

The Galarian Zapdos can be spawned by Incense, but only by Daily Adventure Incense, not by regular Incense. The Galarian Zapdos, being a Legendary bird, has a 0.1% chance for spawning, meaning the more you spawn, the higher your chances of seeing and maybe catching it.

This is why only the Daily Adventure Incense can be able to spawn the Galarian Zapdos.

The Daily Adventure Incense feature can only be used for 15 minutes per day but sometimes goes up to 45 minutes.

If luck is on your side, you will see the Galarian Zapdos within the stipulated 15-minute window, or you will wait till the next day and attempt to catch it 😟.

Can Galarian Zapdos be found in the wild in Pokémon Go?

Interested in the rarity of Galarian Zapdos in Pokémon Go?
Galarian Zapdos. Image source: Pinterest

The legendary Galarian Zapdos cannot be found in the Crown Tundra but in the Galar region’s Wild Area. While most legendary Pokémons are encountered when in special events and powerful raids, some are seen in the wild.

When you are in this area of the game, your chances of encountering the Legendary Galarian Zapdos increase.

You will need to start searching for it and make sure to approach it subtly so as not to startle it; then, you can catch it 🎉.

What are the odds of catching a Galarian Zapdos in Pokémon Go?


The Galarian Zapdos have very low odds of being caught 😔. This is evident through its base catch rate of 3.74% in level 20. The table below shows the percentage of the catch probability using a Poké Ball on level 20 of the Pokémon Go Game;


No Berry

Razz Berry

Silver Pinap Berry

Golden Razz Berry

Normal throw





Nice throw





Great throw





Excellent throw





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